Project LRNJ Supplementary WebApp
Version 3S
Not Checking for Update
Static Version -- April 7, 2019

Due to loss of Ruby on Rails functionality, the Project LRNJ web app has been altered to work as a static HTML file.
Updated Kanji Data -- February 16, 2016

Data now incorporates more recent bug fixes after data recovery. The Project LRNJ WebApp data now has no conflicts with Slime Forest Adventure.

Progress on the project in general should be faster now with the recovered data.

Note: using the "Add to Home Screen" option (in the center-bottom menu of Safari, or the three-dots menu of Chrome) is recommended if you plan to use this often. It works more like an app rather than having the whole web-browser interface.

This app currently has about 2,000 kanji.

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Study Kanji Discrimination
(try tipping your phone on its side while using it)