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This is the project page for the LeaRN Japanese RPG: Slime Forest Adventure.

SFA can teach you basic Japanese literacy with: katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

It is playable and the first storyline ("Jenk's Adventure", for introductory kanji recognition) is essentially complete. There are demo and registered versions available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

-Darrell Johnson
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New version: Build 175 (changelog)
Monday, November 6 2017

Current Features

Demo version of Slime Forest Adventure:

  • introduction to katakana and hiragana
  • sample lesson in kanji
  • the adventure begins with Episode 1

The Registered version additionally has:

  • get comfortable with kanji
  • learn to recognize and distinguish nearly 2,000 kanji
  • readings training through vocabulary, with ~3,000 example words
  • the adventure continues with a main quest and sidequests
  • introductory vocabulary and grammar in Supplementary Training

Slime Forest Adventure

Fight slimes, save a princess, learn Japanese!


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Mini News

Tuesday, November 7

After looking at SDL 2 in detail, it doesn't make sense to do the port until I get a new Mac, since it's not compatible with what I've currently got for compiling and testing. I'll work on tuning, features, and story for Slime Forest instead.

Monday, November 6

The last few builds have just been to fix a problem with how the game starts in Mac OS X Sierra / High Sierra. The way it is now isn't ideal, but it's possible for people to play, and it's quite awkward without a modern Mac to test on, so I think I'll leave it at that for now.

Working now on a port to SDL 2, which should fix some performance and compatibility problems, and is something I had better get out of the way before adding features.

Thursday, September 28

I'm trying out a lower price. This may be temporary.

Sunday, September 10

Returned to original demo/registration model for new users.