Slime Forest Adventure
Demo Download

Current version: Build 189 -- changelog
Sunday, September 9 2018
Windows Demo
Note: there will be a misleading "Windows protected your PC" warning message when you attempt to install it on Windows 10.

If you click "more info", it will reveal that it is a properly signed executable from me (Darrell Johnson) and give you the hidden option of installing it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download for Windows (run to unpack "Slime Forest" folder containing launch icons)
Windows Updater (run to update your old version)
Mac OS X Demo
Note: Apple gives a similar warning message to Microsoft, as explained above. Depending on the version of Mac OS you run, you may need to change your security settings to run the game, as in this YouTube video. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Download for OS X (unzip "Project LRNJ- Slime Forest" folder containing launch icon)
OS X Updater (run this updater and drag your old version into the updater window)
Linux Demo
Download for Linux (use "tar -xzf sfa.tgz" to unpack)
Linux Updater (unpack sfupdate and run in the same directory with the old version)
Register a Project LRNJ Account Slime Forest Registration
- permanent access to updates
- download registered version
- help fund development