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Wow, Catwald killed me.

I got the Sea Lantern (a defunct item?) and have gotten past all the town/city ruins to the cave at the end. Because I'd like to not die enroute again for nothing, can someone tell me if I need to do anything else before progressing through this cave at the end of Catwald?
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I have a question about the Subscription model
Can I subscribe to example the 15 dollar version, will I then get upgraded to gold, when my amount hit 100 dollars?

(seeing I ofcourse hit that number before the slots are closed? )

and will I be able to example sub for 5 dollars now, and then manually add additional lets say 80 dollars in 4 months from now? ( just in theory )
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I intend on buying the 20$ version after I finish the first 4 chapters, but before I do that I have a couple questions:

1: Will I keep my progress if I buy the full version?

2: The game hasn't been updated since November last year. Is there going to be an extra big update soon, or are the suspending/dropping/finshing the project?

I most likely will buy it anyway despite the answers to either of these questions. Thanks in advance
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never mind abt number 1, the answer is quite obvious, and even if I cant I can just manipulate some files.
1) Yes, I think so. But as you state, it's just some files, easily migrated.
2) Hard to say. Darrell comes and goes. If often takes quite a while between updates, e.g. build 128 to 129 took a full year.

It is not very expensive compared to following a course and the game helps quite a bit in learning the Kanji. I highly recommend it.
I am pretty sure I am buying it, it looks pretty good so far. It was a bit frustrating before I found the amulet (I know all the kanji but I can't get through), but it looks like something I want. Thanks for the reply

I feel like I am overlooking the obvious... Where am I supposed to go after completing Kami no Mushi, Cots Whee, Honey Kamey and Bokudoku Row?

I found both the armor and weapon upgrade but so far no new key for the chronolabe.
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It's definitely not very obvious, and I don't remember seeing any hints for it. So here's a hit: Try the home island, Jagaimo, to see what has changed.

You're doing pretty well. I haven't heard very many other people getting this close to the end. Keep it up, you're nearly there! ^^
I noticed that change but I wasn't being trained on the slimes I encountered there. Thus, I thought I had to go elsewhere first. It turns out that this too seems to be an issue with the "focus training on next cave" option.

The training stalled for me on 1575 (normal difficulty - Kanji without Kana).

Anyway, the issue is resolved and I can now proceed.
Thanks for your help!
Ah. I had permanently turned off "focus training on next cave" after the end of Episode 4, because there were no more episodes when I completed it and I wanted to learn the remaining ~900 kanji.

On the very same day that the build 164 was released adding Episodes 5-8, I finally encountered the last kanji in the game (total of 1,972 kanji). I was really lucky with the timing of this, which is how I was able to complete Episodes 5-8 so quickly within only a few days of it being released! :P

So yeah, I wouldn't have any idea whether there are any bugs in Episodes 5-8 related to the "focus training on next cave" option. Should probably inform Darrell if you are fairly certain this is a bug. ^^
Finally finished the basic set of 1.972 kanji.

Thanks again for the advice.

So I found the Keys to the World, which I assume is the Puyo Gem in my Chronolabe. Am I done?
If so, where can I go to fight compound slimes again (since the ones in the initial cave became testing ones)?
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As far as I know, you are done once you reach that point. Darrell has said that he still needs to put a proper ending into the game.

To encounter compound slimes at the point in the game you are at, you don't need to go anywhere special anymore! You should have a tool which causes forest encounters to be compound slimes (just like you have another tool for readings slimes and another tool for words slimes). It's not obvious from the name of the tool, but you should be able to figure out which one does it (so long as you haven't dropped it, which might mean you'd never be able to encounter them again...) ^^
Btw, What level does it say you are now?

I'm level 82 and I've got quite a long way to go before I have perfect stats. Just wondering if anyone has higher? (Also wondering if the level goes higher than 100, because it kinda looks like it will). Can see my stats on my profile. I've been slacking off a lot for the last few months, initially due to injuries and stuff, but now just gotten lazy. Need some competition. ^^
Well, I coudn't figure it out with my current tools. Maybe I also simply didn't pick it up. Could you spoil me the tool and its location?

Also, my level is 78.
I guess there's no need to be secretive about it, just didn't think it would take much effort to figure out anway, since there's only a few different tools to test.

The tool is "dog", which I think you get from the Honey Kamey island? Pretty sure it's impossible to complete that island without obtaining it, so you should have it already? ^^
Oh, okay. I think I only tested pressing enter and not actually walking around with the dog equipped. That's why I missed that.

Unfortunately, this does mean that I can't use the slime shaker to speed up the battle entry for compounds anymore, huh? I think something to change this would be a good addition for a future update of the game.

Anyways, thanks for helping me out.
Yeah. We have the slime shaker to trigger a battle with kanji (meanings) slimes, and another really nice tool to immediately trigger battles with words slimes. But the dog and book tools don't immediately trigger their battles (compounds and readings slimes respectively).

I thought it was definitely a shame that dog and book can't be used the same way as the other two tools.
I just reached this point as well today, having freed the girl in the cave. I enjoyed the final dungeon.

So far I haven't done many readings/words/compounds yet. I agree that adding a trigger functionality to the book and dog would be a great addition.

Any advice on what to prioritize next?

Hi there, I remember playing this game waaay back, but essentially got stuck, didn't get very far though

I remember I didn't like It threw Hirigana and Katakana at me at once, ^_^ that being said though I figure if I buy the complete Kanji version, will I be able to learn Hirigana, Katakana, and Kanji from scratch, which is super awesome, but does this game also introduce japanese words and phrases or is it simply "symbols?"

Thanks in advance

//love Thea
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You learn the alphabet before you learn words. Kana (hiragana & katakana) before you learn kanji. Would be crazy if an English child said they didn't want to learn the rest of the alphabet and wanted to learn words instead...

You can chose "Standard Game (no kana)" if you want to start the story straight on the kanji slimes. You have to answer in katakana. "Standard Game (with kana)" starts with katakana, then does hiragana, then kanji. So you could just stop playing after learning katakana and switch to the "no kana" story mode? But I think it would be crazy to skip learning hiragana if you haven't learnt it yet, as you won't be able to read pretty much any Japanese sentences without knowing hiragana...

The game does teach words too, and there are separate side game modes for just training on basic vocabulary and grammar. ^^
^ Oops. Meant to say you have to answer in katakana (type romaji which turns into katakana) for some types of questions involving words and kanji pronunciation. The standard kanji meanings slimes obviously you're answering in English.

Was just trying to say that you don't need to use hiragana much at all in the standard story mode. Thinking about it, this isn't actually true anyway, as the "Special Reading Words" slimes show you words with hiragana in most of the time... Basically, just ignore that and make sure to learn kana first! Really shouldn't take more than a few days to learn a couple of alphabets...

I'm a new user of Linux/Ubuntu/Unity, and I'm not sure where unpack the program.
usr/share/ ?
usr/share/applications/ ?
someplace entirely different?
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Just put in anywhere in your home directory. As far as I know, there is no systemwide installation. The player data will be saved in a subdirectory of the game as well.

I just want to say I love what I've played of this game. I've used it to supplement my studies and its been a great help.

I was curious if anybody has ever offered to upgrade the graphics of the game before? I understand the game is supposed to evoke the NES/SNES era visual style of games and I feel as a pixel/binary artist I could preserve this style while making it look significantly more professional art wise without distracting from the games intended purpose of education. If this is something the creator/community would be interested in I would be happy to provide my portfolio, and/or begin working right away on assets. I would not necessarily require monetary compensation for this. Tell me what you think, and I apologize if this has been brought up before.
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Every time I try to download the demo, I receive a message that says "Failed - Download Error". Does anyone know what's causing this?
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Probably just an antivirus software interfering. Usually your antivirus program would pop-up a message telling you this, but sometimes the pop-up messages get disabled (making it very difficult to know what happened). ^^;

Most antivirus softwares are fine with downloading SFA, but a small few are a bit overcautious and will not let the download complete. As far as I've noticed, the few antivirus programs that won't let the download finish are perfectly happy with the actual installed game, just that they are a bit jumpy about the installer.


A) Turn antivirus off breifly, just for a couple of minutes while you download and install the game. Then turn it back on.
B) Go into your antivirus software's settings and add this website or the installer download file to the list of "exceptions".

Solution A is by far the easiest. You should be able to just right-click your antivirus icon on the taskbar and find an option like "disable for 10 minutes" or something, then click something like "turn antivirus back on" after installing the game.
Solution B may be very complicated to do with some antivirus softwares, and certain web browsers (like Google Chrome) give all download files a temporary random filename--so therefore the exception filename you add won't work...)
Thanks for the help! Everything downloaded just fine.

^ _^

It might be nice if the game could also be downloaded in .zip format. This would give people with jittery antivirus programs an alternative, since it's only the installer .exe download file that those antivirus softwares go so nuts over -- The same antrivirus programs are perfectly happy with the files which get installed and with running the game, so there should be no issues at all if given in .zip format... ;-)
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Hey folks, just started having a look at this and unfortunately it seems to be running extremely slow. I am on a Mac, in windowed mode. Any thoughts on how to speed it up?

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Sorry, but can you tell me some more about your Mac, like the model and OSX version?

Is it doing anything else weird? Is it jerky, or flickering or anything? How is it slow?
Hmm.. having wiped my machine due to an unrelated incident things seem to be going a bit more smoothly. The symptom was that character movement was extremely sluggish. There was no other indication of problem... just slow walking.

I can't imagine this would help anyone else, as I think a complete machine wipe is not the most efficient solution!
I'm hitting this as well. Everything is running slowly. For example when I run, it can take more than 10 seconds to count from 3 to 0.

It usually happens, but occasionally when I launch it doesn't have the issue. I have a quick mac laptop, so it's not an issue with the computer. I tried replacing my build with the latest build (but I copied over my player data), and it didn't seem to fix anything.
One other thing - if I make the screen smaller it runs faster, and if I make the screen larger it runs slower (using option- and option+)

I bought the common kanji version of the game. I'm doing the Storyless Kanji and the game stopped introducing new Kanji after 50. I've fiddled with the settings, even started a new game and got all 50 right on the first try and yet I'm not getting any new kanji. Every time I win a battle I only get 1 gold.
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I just started a new game again, and again got capped at 50. This seems like a bug.
Interesting. I have the Common Use Kanji version too (build 165) so I'll try that and see if it happens to me too.

So it's the game mode on "Miscellaneous" menu heading, "Storyless: Kanji Recognition" ? Should only take a couple of minutes. ^^
Just tried it and got stuck at 50 too. I quickly remembered you have to turn off the "Focus training on next cave" setting. Then I remembered I'd actually tested this a few months ago when someone else mentioned the bug. Short memory! ^^;

Here's the post from last time someone mentioned this problem and how to make it work: >>636
Okay so if anyone else is having this problem I figured it out. There is a focus on next cave setting and you have to set it to NO. It is autoset to YES by default and this seems to cap you at 50.
Woops Just saw your message mog86! lol

Thanks for the response! Yeah, I found out the same thing through trial and error. Loving the game now. :)

So I figured I'd ask, is there a setting or something to flip the language order around (Hiragana in the forest, etc)? I'm learning to read and write Hiragana symbols, so obviously that's where I'd want to be as a starting area. But this game starts off with Katakana which is kind of odd, because it's the opposite of what all other resources try to teach you first.

So yeah, is there a way to make it so the game starts off with a focus on Hiragana instead of Katakana?
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Only thing I can suggest is to stop doing the "Standard (with kana)" story mode of the game for now. Instead, start a new game under "Supplementary Training" and choose "Storyless: Hiragana".

If you do "Storyless: Hiragana" first, with this you can learn all the hiragana before doing katakana. After this you could go back to doing your main "Standard (with kana)" game and now learn katakana from the slimes in the forests. You'll still be tested on katakana first before hiragana in the dungeons though.

I guess it would be kind of nice to have a setting to switch whether you start with hiragana or katakana, so that the testing slimes in the dungeon do hiragana first too. Is it really that necessary to do hiragana first? It's a bit like how much it matters whether children in English speaking countries learn upper case or lower case alphabet first. That said, Japanese children are taught both hiragana and katakana in one year (first year of elementary school) and I've heard they are taught hiragana first.

I'd chose to learn hiragana first, and that's what I started with, but looking back I can't see how it would have made any difference. (I can't remember which way round I learned small and capital alphabet letters though...) ^^
Ah, thank ya for this. I have a bit of a challenge with learning, so trying to learn both Katakana and Hiragana simultaneously will result in a burnout for me that would result in me retaining neither, so doing one before the other is not just a choice so much as it is a bit of a necessity.

With so many symbols, it's such a difficult language to learn.
Apologies for the double post (though I guess it happens on image boards when you can't edit your post), but the $20 version of SFA is the all-inclusive version, right? Like is there a more expensive version that has even more content that I should buy, or is the $20 version the everything package?
Yeah, the $20 "Common Use Kanji" version is the full all-inclusive version. It teaches all 1,945 kanji in the official "Jouyou" Common Use Kanji List (from before the list was modified in 2010) and 27 additional useful kanji (so 1,972 kanji in total).

Once you register, you can take a look at the "upgrade" page. This lists further donation levels higher than $20, but you don't gain anything extra--it's primarily to donate to support the development of this game. It does promise you'll receive access to extra features if they are made though, like $30 says you'll receive any further extensions to the game (like maybe if the game was ever extended to a new "Personal Name Kanji" version containing the 2,997 kanji in the "Jinmeiyou" list, which includes the additional kanji that are allowed to be used for Japanese people's names).

In short, $20 gives you all the content that's been made so far. And I can say for sure it's the best $20 I ever spent, as now I can recognise nearly 2000 common kanji pretty well! ^^
Alright, cool, thanks for your answers. Now I just gotta wait til I get paid.

I`m stuck in the Kabu Ruins. I'm at a place full of chests with slimes in 4 separate rooms (the rooms have 2,4,7 and 9 trapped chests respectively). What am I supposed to be doing here?
Thaks for your help.
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I can't really remember that part of Kabu Ruins too well. You just keep going until you get the key item at the end, then I think it automatically takes you back to the entrance when you've completed it. I don't remember ever getting lost. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hopefully someone else can answer your question in a bit more detail. :)
I think you have to go through all chests and the last chest will hold a treasure.

Is there a proper way of progressing after getting the dragon egg?
Currently I am fighting slimy food because the other slimes on the other island are pretty tough.
There's no incentive for me in really progressing because I do not know why and where I should go (except the 戳机 of course).
Shouldn't I be able to enter Kabu-city now?
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It has been a few months since I did episodes 5-8 , but I think I can just about remember what happened.

I did the same as you. I tried to do that tough island first, but I had to retreat and do that island with the slimy food first instead.

This slimy food island is probably the island you're actually meant to do first. This island isn't pointless and is part of progressing with the story. Once you complete the island you'll probably know what to do next, but here's a tip: that tough island is not the next island you should attempt. (Out of the four new islands in episodes 5-8, I did that tough island third.) You'll realise later everything makes sense. ^^
I'd actually forgotten about that "Kabu-city" place you mentioned. You can't enter that city at the point of the story you're at. However, now I've reached the end of the current story, I got excited thinking I should go back there and see if I can get in now, just to check whether I missed something cool... :P
Also, another hint: Now that you're on episode 5, you definitely want to check out one of the places on Ninjinia island again, in case there's a chest with something cool in it... :)
Ha, thanks, I allways wondered why that island would appear on my travels to Honey Kamey.

I don't want to stop learning Japanese. I don't want to quit this game. If it doesn't stop testing me on kanji it refuses to introduce I won't have a choice. I know none of you care.

I'm essentially stuck at the same place I was before. I'm at 510 kanji, starting without kana. The castle sage has accepted the nav book and tells me where I can find Catwald. The Catwald ruins are a series of 7 testing caves which test you on different sets of kanji. The kanji from the first few caves I am exquisitely well prepared for. The... I dunno, maybe 3rd or 4th ruin starts testing me on kanji the game has never taught me. The stretches of the main map between the ruins keep reviewing me on super super super old kanji I haven't gotten wrong in several hundred trials now. It does this regardless of whether "Focus training on new cave?" is set or not.
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... okay, maybe complaining here is the magic unlocker action:

- tried to push into Catwald ruins with a dictionary and guesswork
- got killed back to Jagaimo
- fought another 100-200 pointless review slimes
- suddenly started getting new fat intro slimes out in the grass near my brother's place ಠ_ಠ
Have you seen the "Settings" > "Trainer Tuning" menu before?
With this you can manually tune how frequently you encounter old questions. Each setting tells has help text explaining exactly what it changes.

It's difficult to know exactly what your situation is, so it's hard to suggest which settings to change. The one I think is most likely to help would be the "Review Intensity" setting? It's default setting should be "6" (I think).

When "Review Intensity" is set to 10, a slime for every single kanji you've ever answered will come back every day! (so you would have to defeat more than 510 training slimes each day before you could learn any new words)! When it is set to 1, review slimes only appear once every 60 days since you learnt that kanji. I'm guessing you've been playing on that save long enough that you now have to defeat all the slimes you encountered at the start of the game (review slimes).

The only problem is that I don't know whether the setting takes effect immediately... It don't know but it might only take effect once you've fought each slime again? I wouldn't go too crazy with messing with the Trainer Tuning settings though, as setting them to the extremes will probably mean you won't take in properly what you are learning and will just forget everything. Slight adjustments to suit your learning style is probably good though. ^^
Oops, I meant "System Menu" > "Trainer Tuning".

Also, I'm guessing as you posted 11 days ago that you'd started a new save, that the default setting of "6" for "Review Intensity" must be for review slimes to appear after every 10 days (or something close to that).
Maybe "5" = 20 days, "4" = 30 days, "3" = 40 days, "2" = 50 days... Just a complete guess though.

Definitely read through all the other tuning settings though, because there may be others which are more helpful to change. ^^

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