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Now that with build 184 the new custom kana keyboard layout feature is working well, I can now use my usual keyboard layout in the game and with barely any problems. Works great! I've been having a lot of fun getting back into this game.

In the last 14 days I've gone from "readings: 318" to "readings: 1000". I'm hoping to complete the readings slimes ("readings: 1972") by the end of this month (June). Just writing this here to challenge myself to keep to this goal. ^^
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I think I'm going to have to set a more extreme goal. In less than ten days I've increased my "readings" stat by over 800. Not even half-way through the month and I've almost completed the challenge I set myself! I thought it was going to be a lot tougher (or at least that I wouldn't find it as fun as I have). ^^

New goal: complete both "readings" and "compounds" by the end of this month (June).

Bearing in mind my "compounds" stat is currently on "54", and I think there are a total of 1399 compounds to learn in the game, this should be a very difficult goal to reach in time. Only 18 days to do the last 100 readings and 1345 compounds. Can't back out of it now I've written it here. Let's see how this goes. :P
End of the month. I still have a couple of hours left, but there seems to be a bug inhibiting the appearance of final few "readings" and "compounds". Really annoying. It was a couple of days ago that I reached the point where new readings and compounds slimes stopped being given. But, even with the bug, if I keep playing for hours the stat sometimes increases by one or two. So I might get there eventually, but could take a whole extra month at this rate!

Anyway, here are my current stats (as seen in my screenshot to the left) -

Kanji: 1972 / 1972
Readings: 1952 / 1972
Words: 1385 / 1385
Compounds: 1362 / 1399(?)

I still have two more hours before the end of the month. Two hours would be enough time to finish the rest of the remaining readings and compounds if the bug were to suddenly go away.

Anyone have any ideas of what might be preventing the remaining slimes appearing? I already tried toggling the "Training Focus" and "New Before Review" settings, even thought they should have absolutely no effect, and it didn't change anything.

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Two hours of alternating between readings and compounds slimes later... New screenshot!

In case it's hard to see what changed in those two hours, readings stat went up from 1952 to 1953. ^^

I've had no luck at all the two days since I reached compounds 1362 at making the stat increase. So I'm going to assume this might actually be the max number (although I saw a post elsewhere in this channel which said it is 1399 instead).

If it takes an hour for each +1 increase of the readings stat, I'm going to have to keep drilling readings slimes for another 19 hours to finish the last 19 readings! ^^;

Anyone managed to learn or use any spells yet?

I finished the first elemental island (desert island) testing area, and I think it said I learnt a spell, however I accidentally clicked off the message before I had finished reading it, so I'm not sure if it actually said this.

I tried to see if I had a new spell to cast, but just it says "don't have any spells prepared". Using the "book" on the world map still says "pages are blank" too. I'm not sure what this means, but I guess maybe I haven't actually learnt any spells yet after all?

I'm now at the second elemental island trying to clear its testing area. I think I've learnt all the special readings for this cave (220 'words'), but haven't been successful clearing it without running out of HP. These tesing areas are pretty challenging! If I ever manage to clear it, I'll be a lot more careful to see what it says this time. ^^;
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The elemental island caves seem very unfair, the high rate of attack and heavy damage. I had thoroughly trained for it, I knew every answer almost immediately, however I still struggled and failed several times just trying to type fast enough. The "Battle Typing Rate" setting seemed to have no effect. I almost wonder if it would be difficult to complete even if this was in English!?

I did manage to clear it eventually though. Definitely said I learnt a spell (different spell name to the one learnt on the first island), but still says "No spells prepared" and "The pages are blank".

One other thing: With training focus set to "focus training on next cave", it stopped introducing new words once I reached 220 "words", however I ran into 時 (とき) each time I did the cave fight. After I had cleared the cave, the first fight immediately afterwards introduced 時 for the first time...
Ah, I've noticed how to cast the spells now. I had tried doing what you need to do before, but it just didn't seem like anything was happening. ^^;

Onward to the next elemental island! (Also, I'm guessing there are going to be 7 spells in total?) :D
how do you do it? i don't get it yet
Have you completed the cave on the first elemental island yet? Where you up to in the game?
yeah, i cleared it.
and sorry i was reading back on this server and i found the answer somewhere back there.
thanks for answering, tho

Technology making Slime Forest outdated?

I ask because of the vast improvements over written character recognition over the last few years. It seems even without knowing the proper stroke order, one could easily look up one of the thousands of characters and be able to find a dictionary entry for it as well as the compounds. Truly LRNJ helps with the katakana and hiragana recognition but do we really need it for the other characters, the kanji? There are an awful lot of them and we maybe we are wasting our time with trying to memorize all these characters instead of learning them in context. Thanks to recent developments in handwriting technology, we may be able to easily find these characters when reading some text and then we would also be learning these words in context.

What are your thoughts?
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>Recent developments in handwriting technology
SF does teach the kanji in context, at least if you fight the sea slimes. Memorizing kanji isn't supposed to be the only thing it does.
I don't think it's like that, it's a lot more fun than cue cards or books, and rewarding in ways that any typical language teacher would have a hard time reproducing.

If I hadn't come to the game knowing all my hiragana and katakana, it would have been cool to learn the basics this way, too.
depends on what ur trying to learn them for
if you want to live in japan, or already do, then sfa is great

Hey Mog, I've been lurking on this website on and off as i played through the game and check in for updates and stuff over the past three or so years.

I just wanted to say, cause i assume no one really has on here, that you're awesome! Despite not being specifically affiliated with this game you're always on here to help anyone who needs it and share your knowledge, all because you like this game and feel it helped you. You're a seriously kind person and i just wanted to let you know that at least one person has noticed it after all these years. You're like basically the one reason this place still looks active after all this time.

Thanks for being so dang cool and i hope you have an awesome day!
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Ah, great to hear. Nice to know that something I wrote is actual useful to someone.

Now that I know that it's working, I can begin making the improvements. I have a solution for the English typing. If I'm lucky, there won't be any further changes needed on your end, otherwise you might need to use one of the lock keys to enable regular typing. I probably would go with Scroll Lock as that's the least used, but since you'll be using it, let me know if you have a preference. Nowadays, I know that some laptop keyboards lack a Scroll Lock button.

If the first method works though, that should also fix the third issue too, with the additions of commas and the like. If not, I'll just add those to the filtered keys.

I had thought that there might be further issues with the kana translating. I had sort of rushed this part at the time.

This could be a bit difficult now that I think about it. Not in a position where I can test right now, but when a slime's answer is in katakana, can the answer be typed exactly how it would be if it was in romaji? I'm thinking not as I recall you need to type double 'n' of 'ん', or would the game accept it anyway?

I do some testing once I get home. Might need another lock key to switch between the type of slime you're facing. In a later release, could be interesting in having it look at memory and having this switch done automatically but that could become quite complex.
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Well, looks like I got lucky. Regular Latin characters will work just fine now. You'll just need to switch to alphanumeric input (or half-width alphanumeric) to use them. I suspect just like Microsoft's IME, DvorakJ has a keyboard shortcut to switch between types.

Since it was easy to add, you can also switch to Katakana as an input method, rather than just Hiragana, although half-width katakana won't work. If you turn on conversion, you could probably use to it write English words too, rather than switching back to alphanumeric.

I've fixed up those kana inputs, now using what Slime Forest expects. The only trouble with with 'ん'. In order to get it to work on regular (non-katakana input) slimes, it'll now only enter a single 'n'. So for katakana input ones, you'll need to press it twice, although if the 'ん' is at the end of the answer, Slime Forest will accept the single 'n'.

You shouldn't be seeing any extra commas and the like now, so you can continue using DvorakJ.

So with this version, don't believe you'll face any further issues, but if not, let me know. Anything further should be a simple fix.

Just like before, just unzip the DLLs to your Slime Forest folder.
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Just realized that I can fix the 'ん' issue by switching the code to use kana typing, rather than romaji as it does now.

Probably will have another release in 48 hours or so.
The kana touch typing version is finished. Just ensure that Slime Forest's is set to use kana input to make use it. It should fix the double ん problem, however it's possible that it may introduce its own problems due to way Windows' input is provided. In your setup, I have a hunch that it may work better than the romaji version.

Unlike that version though, you won't be able to use kana input while fighting the hiragana/katakana training slimes. You'll need to switch back over to alphanumeric, but I suppose that's how Darrell meant for them to be defeated anyway.

Just realised something while writing this. On a Dvorak keyboard, is the kana in the same positions as a QWERTY one? If not, try changing Slime Forest's keyboard settings to QWERTY.
@Drahcir, Sorry I'm taking so long to get back to you. I've been having a tough time trying to work out if there's a correct setup I can use to make the newest version of your NICOLA translator work well for me.

I've come across problems and also you were right that there might be new problems in this new version.

The main bug I'm aware off that has arisen in your new version is that typing either ま and み results in ホ being output in the game (even if you enter them via romaji input, "ma" and "mi"). All other kana seem to be okay.

Another issue I've noticed, in all three versions of your translator so far, is that the number row keys (1234567890) are not functional. The numbers aren't strictly necessary while playing, and the numpad numbers still work fine. However, this is still a big problem because it seems to be impossible to resize the game window without these number row keys.

- - -

And the main thing I've been concerned about: "no conversion" doesn't work very well with Microsoft IME input method set to "kana input". Unlike "romaji input", there's a problem whenever you type an unvoiced kana which has a voiced counterpart.

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Hey Mog, Sorry for my late reply this time. Been on a holiday for a week.

Yeah, I shortly realized that I had a few issues in my previous releases, making it unusable for a few things. I completely overlooked the resizing in particular as it's something I've never personally made use of.

I believe that these can all be fixed though, provided that you're still willing to test it. I would like to do the testing myself but as mentioned, I was unable to emulate the setup you're using.

However, I recently got a release e-mail from Darrel which states the newer version has support for other keyboard layouts. I suspect he's seen your issue. Although he mentions that it's primitive for now, it's likely to work better overall then my modification which is sort of hacky (ugly) due to the nature of it.

Give it a try with your layout and see how well it works for you. I'll still be keen on continuing my version if you're still keen on testing it, but I won't be as active with it as before as I have a bunch of work to catch up on for the time being.
@Drahcir Thanks again for your efforts.

You're right. The new version of SFA (build 179) has made it possible to create a custom kana layout very similar to NICOLA thumb shift layout.

The one and only aspect where it falls short is that it requires you to HOLD DOWN the shift keys BEFORE pressing the finger key.

Real thumb-shift works by TAPPING the thumb keys IN SYNC with the finger keys. You have a sync window which can usually be configured. I've set my thumb-finger sync window to 35 milliseconds. The aim is to try to tap the thumb and finger keys perfectly sync; but if a thumb or finger key is tapped on its own, then it waits 35 ms to see if a finger/thumb key will be pressed with it before outputting the result.

So the way the custom kana layout has been implemented in the game won't be possible to type as fast as proper thumb-shift. But it's still very decent in every other respect. I'm sure I can get used to it. All my keys are working perfectly.

If you wanted to try out thumb-shift, I've uploaded my jquest\playerdata\kanakey.txt file to pastebin. Just make a copy of the original somewhere then replace the contents with mine. ^^

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If anyone else is interesed a made a webpage to drill kanji in the same order as SLA uses.
I made this so I can do some practice at work.
My latest addition is to support just pressing the number corresponding to the correct word. It also supports touch when using it on a phone.
I was a bit worried about making this as the descriptions are copy right of Darrel, but he didn't seem to mind.
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Hey, very nice. I'd been keen on using it.

I was planning to write something like this myself. Thought of a program that would pop up with some random kanji every hour or so, for use at work, but since you've already finished it, I'll just make use of yours.


Very nice to see an update! Sadly I still haven't figured out a good solution to my keyboard layout dilemma, so I can't use it too well at all. But it makes me happy to see this excellent game still being worked on. ^^

The new multiple Japanese font style system is an interesting addition. I already got caught out by the kanji for "person", where I absentmindedly typed "enter" by accident. :D
I thought there would probably be a setting to turn it back to single font, but there isn't. I like this at my stage in learning Japanese, but I wonder whether or not it will go down well with beginners.

I got the mailing list email about this update, then came to the site, but I notice the members page still shows the update as being "build 175" and "New version on: November 6, 2017". I downloaded it anyway and it turned out to be build 176. Maybe some people will hesitate to download this update until the page says 176 though?

I hope the restarted mailing list brings some more people back to this site. ^^
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It is indeed great to see this is still alive. Different fonts, that is going to be interesting. I noticed in the past that I was rather sensitive to the font used.

Time brush up on my Kanji skills.
I've decided at last to go through the painful unlearning process of reverting from NICOLA Oyayubi Shift kana key layout back to the kana layout used in Slime Forest (JIS Kana key layout). At least as a temporary measure, until I can figure out how to get oyayubi shift working ingame. Been so long, but now hopefully I'll be able to resume my save in this awesome game. ^^


I have a permanent registration from way back in 2004 for this game, and I'd like to pick it back up. I've changed name since then, but I still control and can read emails at the email address used for the registration from back then. I also still have the original PayPal receipt and confirmation from Darrell that I was registered.

How can I go about transferring this old membership to the current site?

How should I go about doing this?
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I just found the "Claim Your Previous Registration" section and it worked perfectly. Sorry about that!

Nice to see it still works with registrations that old, though. :D
Haha, that is impressive after 13-14 years. What was it that reminded you of this game to think about coming back to it after so long?

Hope you have a good time back on this game. ^^

why is 倍 fold as in folding a bedsheet according to the menmonic?

jisho says it should be double or times, or fold as in a 2 fold increase in quantity. no other word works either
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Most likely that it was simply the easiest way to associate any kind of "fold" with that kanji. Both the English words "fold" as in folds of cloth and "fold" as in twofold share the same origin anyway.

I hadn't properly memorised 倍 before I began playing Slime Forest. I remember this mnemonic did actually help me quite a bit to memorise it. I almost think that because it was talking about bedsheets kind of fold, that it made me notice this mnemonic more because it made me wonder why on earth it was talking about the verb fold. :D

However, I'm not sure if the game makes it clear that the word "fold" associated with this kanji actually means as in twofold, threefold,...?

I understood immediately because I'd encountered ばい (倍) in Japanese before I started Slime Forest. But people completely new to Japanese might never have seen how this kanji is used to be able to realise that 倍 isn't to do with folding bedsheets or paper. Maybe it would be better if this were noted at the end of the mnemonic (if it's not already)? ^^

> Monday, November 6

> The last few builds have just been to fix a problem with how the game starts in Mac OS X Sierra / High Sierra. The way it is now isn't ideal, but it's possible for people to play, and it's quite awkward without a modern Mac to test on, so I think I'll leave it at that for now.

> Working now on a port to SDL 2, which should fix some performance and compatibility problems, and is something I had better get out of the way before adding features.

Very exciting news to hear that the game is in the process of being ported to SDL2!

Among other things, there's a good chance it might help make things easier for me to deal with issues I have with my complicated keyboard setup. I've barely played the game since I switched keyboard layouts a year ago. ^^;

Also very curious about what "adding features" could possibly mean~ ^^
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I just bought the common version. I am on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and no way to open it.

When I click on the .app, no error message will display but nothing is happening.

Is there any way to fix it ? Thank you.
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Well, I hope someone will be able to answer your question. I've only used Windows and Linux, so I don't really have any idea what the problem might be.

I don't know if this could even possibly be it, but did you definitely download "install" .zip file rather than the "update" .dmg file? I don't know anything about Macs, but just wondering if it could be possible that you installed the "update" on its own without ever having installed the full thing beforehand.

Other long-shot idea, if you updated from the free version to the common-use version, then maybe there's a problem with this and could instead try installing the full common-use "install" file without doing any updating instead.

Hope a Mac user or Darrell might see your question, as I doubt it's likely either of my ideas were anything to do with your problem. Good luck. ^^;
Oh, I was also wondering...

Does the free version of build 168 work for you on Mac? Is it only the common-use version that doesn't work or do both behave the same way?

If you haven't tried the free version of build 168 before, you can get it on the following page:
No it's not these reasons. I downloaded the full common version directly but it didn't work. Tried to download free then update it but nothing. The free version don't work too.

I really want to play it on my mac but I really can't make it work...
Wish I could help, but I really know nothing at all about Macs.

One last thing I've noticed though... There is a very good chance that the Mac version of build 168 might have an issue preventing it working on Mac. One of the changes in the changelog for build 168 says "fixed OS X launcher to work with latest versions of OS X". There could well be an accidental fault with this fix, stopping the game from being able to launch. This is just a complete guess though.

I don't know of any other Mac users who are currently active posters on this site. You might even be the first person to have tried build 168 on Mac.

I think your best bet might be to try emailing Darrell about it. He may not reply on this channel too often but he usually is very quick to reply to emails:
I see Darrell has released build 169 today, where the changelog for it simply says "another fix for the OS X launcher". ^^

Is your problem fixed now?
I have a mac and had the same trouble. What you can do, however, is download the file and right-click on the slime icon, clicking on "show package contents". That should take you to a folder called "contents". Open it to find a folder called "MacOS". Open this to find a block entitled "Slime Forest". If you open this you should be able to get into the game. I hope this helps!

Ooh. I check this site every day, but have only just noticed a new build was released last weekend (build 170).

Is there a difference between builds 169 and 170 for people who are full "common use kanji" version users?
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Quick question, does the game end once you get the world key for Puyo Gem and talk to the girl? I finished the 1972 kanji but I want to double check to see if I'm missing something.
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Haven't finished all of it yet.

The game has a few side quests which I haven't yet started. At the moment, I'm just killing kanji slimes for reinforcement, however I feel I'm actually pretty decent at them now so I'll be looking at starting those side quests soon.

Outside of the game, I've been reading Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide.
I really like some of Slime Forest's side games.

The first one I got really interested in a few years ago was "Storyless: Kana Touchtyping". This teaches the standard "JIS Kana" key layout you see printed on keyboards in Japan. This way of typing kana isn't even that common in Japan, as most people use romaji input to type kana instead. I don't know if I'd recommend switching your Japanese input mode to kana input like I did, but this side game should be a fun challenge and will give a feel what the layout is like.

On to something much more useful, the three grammar related side games are really nice!! I've found these a lot of fun and very helpful. I'd do it in this order: "Text Entry Grammar", then "Verb Forms", and then if you want a real challenge which even contains questions related to classical Japanese grammar try the very thorough "Grammar Patterns".

Lastly, the "Original Easy Mode" side game is very cool. Unlike the other side game modes, this one actually takes you through the first part of the story rather than an endless forest mode. Instead of kanji, you are tested on vocabulary written in hiragana. This is more interesting than it sounds. The vocabulary is grouped into themes such as colours, dimensions, adverbs, etc. I think it's a nice random selection of words it teaches.

At the very least, I definitely recommend checking out the grammar ones. If you've used a bit of Tae Kim's guide, you should be able to get the hang of them. ^^
I'll have to check those out. I've looked at a few of the other game modes, mostly for kana training, but haven't yet tried the other ones.

Been meaning to ask you mog86uk, as you seem very knowledge at all things Japanese, how fluent are you?

As JIS Kana isn't very common even in Japan, it's something that I don't plan on learning until much later, only after once I can master a basic conversation. Not saying that it can't be useful, but I feel that at my level, there's a lot more important things to learn first.

Because you're learning it, I get the impression that you've mastered the language, or at least close to it. Is that accurate, and if so, how long have you been learning roughly?
Yeah, it's certainly not necessary at all to try out learning kana keyboard layout. I simply started it because I already had a strong interest in keyboard layouts and other computery stuff. I liked the feel of typing directly into kana. I also liked the idea of removing any need to think in romaji when typing, to help get used to thinking of kana and their sounds directly without picturing any romanisation spellings, so that I could get a bet feel for Japanese pronunciation and sentence rhythm. It wasn't because I'd reached an advanced level or had nothing more important to learn--it was just sheer curiosity. :P
I'd say I'm not "fluent" at all! People interpret the word "fluent" differently. For me, "fluent in Japanese" would mean: being able to read, listen, write, draw, and speak Japanese like a free flowing river--able to get my point across or understand others without any effort or hindrance--just flows out naturally. I'm definitely not at that stage, nor anywhere near it.

I can read hiragana and katakana as easily as reading the English alphabet. I can recognise a few thousand kanji, the general meaning and at least one reading of most of these. But that's only reading and typing, not drawing. I've learnt a lot **about** Japanese grammar (even crazy things like classical Japanese grammar), and can comprehend mostly all grammar used in Japanese when reading or listening. However, I'm not so great at knowing what grammar to use when I try to write or speak. I still struggle quite a bit with getting points across when I try to make my own sentences. As I don't live in Japan, only rarely read things that are written in Japanese, don't ever encounter any Japanese people,don't talk to Japanese people online,(...basically, I don't interract with Japanese people), I therefore don't have of a feel of what words/grammar/spellings/etc are common or natural. And my worst skill would be speaking, because I don't really practice speaking in Japanese much at all since I would only be talking to myself.

On the reading end of the spectrum, I don't have to put much effort at all in any more, to the point where I'd say I'm getting near what I'd call fluent. But when it comes to composition and audio-related skills I feel I'm still a long way off. ^^;
I'm 31 and I actually started learning Japanese when I was about 13 (18 years ago)!! I had fully learnt both hiragana and katakana by 15 and had also been learning some basic conversation stuff. But I didn't do a lot else until I got much more interested in Japanese a few years ago.

However, this whole time I've only been learning Japanese for fun. I've never had any Japanese classes; just completely self-taught. I've never had any real purpose for why I'm learning Japanese. I've not been trying to pass any exams or learning in preparation for moving to Japan. I've not been studying Japanese properly in a sensible structured manner. I simply do whatever I find most interesting or fun. Whether that be reading up on classical Japanese grammar before I've even mastered the basics, or drilling a set of 6355 kanji before I've even taken the lowest level of JLPT exams. Most of my "studying" is simply me messing around on game-like sites and apps.

It wouldn't take 18 years to reach the point I'm at. My studying time is more like 4 or 5 years if you take out all the gaps, but you could get much more fluent than me in that time if you focus on the essentials. For me, it's the journey rather than the destination. ^_^;
I see. Similar to myself, I'm learning pretty much for fun. Would love to be bilingual one day and due to their exports, I feel Japanese would be the language I would make the most use of.

I just upgraded to the common kanji version, and I downloaded the update, but it didn't come with any instructions. I'm not sure how to inform my free version that it has been upgraded.
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@ookamimimi, That chest is for the "egg" item. There are no keys for re-entering the castle. I needed the egg to be able to encounter the dragon again, to be able to get that messed up name item (so that I could be able to obtain the two new "key to the world" items that are needed to begin Episode 5).

In Episode 5 (or maybe later), you will obtain a new tool which should solve your want of better herbs.

A couple of the spells you can learn are health restoration spells too. And one of the spells (the sixth one I think) will help towards solving your over abundance of money problem. ^^

Best of luck with getting into Kabu town though... :P
Do you know if the egg in your inventory was replaced with a messed up name item after that scene on the free version?

My situation was slightly different. I went from full version of build 163 to build 164. But you went from free to full version, probably both higher builds than 163 (nearly three years old now).

In build 163, after you have that weird scene at the end of episode 4, you simply lose the egg item and don't get given any new items in your inventory.

In later builds, as episode 5-8 were added in build 164, the free version which still ends on episode 4 might have changed what happens after that scene. Maybe it replaces the egg with the messed up named item?

If that is the case, then when you upgrade to the full version you wouldn't need to re-encounter the dragon (as the egg had already been replaced with the messed up name item needed for progressing to episode 5.)

It does seem a bit strange if this is how it works when upgrading from free to full now though. Might be a mistake that it's like that. The dragon fight isn't terribly essential, but it is a fun little battle. Does seem a bit strange if the story continues without having actually defeated the dragon... But you haven't really missed out on anything -- you just see the dragon, kill it, and then the egg item disappears and is replaced with the messed up name item. ^^
mog86uk: I thought the dragon knocked me out and took its egg back. ;) But the story through there is . . . open to interpretation.

Sadly, I wasn't paying close enough attention to know the answer to your question. I was so sure the egg would somehow lead to me being able to get into Kabu (and that this would be the end of the free version), and also that I would be informed on screen "You have reached the end of the free version! You may continue to practice the kanji you have learned in the world of Slime Forest Adventure, or go here to upgrade to blah blah blah . . ." that I was too busy being shocked to bother looking in my inventory.

Eventually, it occurred to me that having Jenk eaten by a dragon was a sort of funny way to end the free version, so even if it was confusing, I would go buy the full version and see if that fixed everything. And then my update didn't come with instructions, so I stuck it into the folder that looked "right" and went back into the game and was still confused. So I came here and asked my question, but it was the middle of the night, and I was impatient, so I kept on running around the map like a decapitated chicken, talking to the sage in the main castle again and all manner of things.

I did at some point notice the weird item in my inventory, but I can't honestly tell you if it was already there before I upgraded. I tried so many things and in a very random order.

Eventually, I talked to the princess in Kabu, and I didn't even notice that the item had disappeared or that I had new keys to the chronolabe, until much later in my random flailing, when I tried using the chronolabe to go back to Kami no Mushi, as if that could have helped, and suddenly noticed I had other options (and that the weird long-name item had disappeared). That was when I finally realized my game HAD updated, and that I'd had the file in the right location all along.
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Thank you for the advice about spells and the future tool, etc. I will stop obsessing on Kabu and go fight slimes in the desert for a bit. :)
Oh! if it's of interest, the build I'm on (for both free and full version) is 167.
Haha. I like your theories of the free version ending -- the dragon knocking out Jenk, eating him, and taking its egg back!

Maybe Darrell can confirm if your theory is correct? :D

Although, thinking about it, if you continue your game on the free version after encountering the dragon, you are still in one piece. So maybe not that being eaten part. :P
agreed. :)

The full screen stopped working. Trying to open the full screen version of the game hasn't worked since I downloaded it, and now not even the Alt+Enter shortcut won't do it. What do I do?
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(Oops. Meant the changelog for build 163. I accidentally typed 162.)
Oh, that's strange then. Do the ALT+1 through to ALT+8 key shortcuts still work though?
Just noticed that this appears to be fixed in the current version, although it's not mentioned within the changelog.
@Drahcir, Are you sure? It doesn't seem like anything has changed for me.

Double clicking "Slime Forest (fullscreen).exe" still does absolutely nothing for me even with build 167.
Ah, not sure about the full screen executable itself, didn't test that, just at Alt+Enter shortcut.
I see in your first response, the issue didn't affect you, but like the OP, I wasn't able to use the Alt+Enter shortcut on the previous version.
Ah, right.

I had been wondering if maybe the OP was pressing the numpad "Enter", instead of the one you're meant to press--the normal Enter key, "Return". (Is it still called "Return" these days?)

I really can't see why it wasn't working for some people. I've never had trouble with that shortcut in any build of SFA on Windows XP, 7, or 10.

Hi there,

I've finally got back into this game, taking a very long break. Currently reached 700 kanji and the game isn't sending me any new ones.

After speaking to the sage, getting the chronolabe, I've discovered a new pair of islands, shaped like carrots. The image is a picture of it, as well as a few locations on it.

I think I'm meant to get to the ruins on the east-most one, surrounded by a moat, however I have no way of crossing it. There's been some mention of keys but I can't find any information of where to go to find them.

Can anyone give me a hint of what I'm meant to do?

Also, I'm aware that there is a desert island side quest which provides Jenk will spells. What exactly do they do? I've put aside learning words, focusing on the kanji for now, but are they worth putting the time in to obtain at this stage in the game?

Thanks to any replies.
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Now that I've reached the 1000 kanji meanings, I've now noticed that the game has switched over to teaching me kanji words.

I'd rather finish off the meanings if possible, before I begin the words. Is it possible to switch back to them? There's nothing about it in the trainer options.
Which of the three versions of the game are you using? (Free version, $10 Gradeschool Kanji version, $20 Common Use Kanji version)
And you're definitely on the latest build, build 165?

The "Free" and "Gradeschool Kanji" versions only have four episodes and a thousand kanji. The Common Use Kanji version has eight episodes and 1,972 kanji.

In episode 5, you should start to encounter kanji 1,001 onwards once you reach the next island (called Honey Camey). This island tests meanings of kanji 1,001 to 1,175.

Where are you encountering the slimes which are giving you words instead of meanings? There are four types of kanji slimes in the story:
・Kanji: recognition by their English meaning keyword. (normal green coloured slimes).
・Readings: "Best-Guess Readings", basically teaching ON'yomi (dark-green coloured slimes).
・Words: "Special Reading Words", basically teaching KUN'yomi vocabulary (dark-red coloured slimes).
・Compounds: "Regular Reading Words", teaching kanji compound vocabulary (greyish-blue coloured slimes).

The "readings" slimes appear instead if you have the "book" tool equiped (the spellbook, for charging spells).
The "words" slimes appear on the elemental islands (where you go to learn the spells).
The "compounds" slimes show up in the cave on Jagaimo island from episode 2 onwards (replacing the normal kanji slimes after you completed the cave in episode 1).
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As far as I can tell, it sounds like you are on the first elemental island (the "desert island") where you go to learn the first spell, rather than on Honey Camey island? Are you encountering red slimes instead of the normal green ones?
Should had mentioned it but I'm using the Common Use Kanji version, build 165. I'm playing a standard game (no kana).

Ah, when you had mentioned the other two items, I realized that I had collected the sickle on the carrot island which was causing the word KUN slimes to constantly appear. Unfortunately (and stupidly), I didn't the put two events together and now with another item equipped, I'm back on the kanji slimes.

Once again, I very much appreciate your assistance so far mog86uk. I'll buy you a drink if we ever meet IRL.
Hey, I'm trying to figure out the kabukabu puzzle, and I think my version of the game may have a bug. So ... I went to Ninjinia, and I found the quest item and took it to the priest. He thanked me and gave me a key to the world, but it never showed up in my inventory. I figured it just sort of inserted itself into the chronolabe, but it doesn't say anything different when I try to use it, and no one else says anything different either. I certainly haven't found any new islands.

I came to this page looking for clues as to what to do next, and people are saying things like "use the key to unlock Kami no Mushi". That sounds like exactly what the game is telling me to do, but ... I don't have a key to use, apparently, even though the game told me I had one. :( What should I do?
I think you may just need to give the sage in Jagaimo Castle another visit. He's the guy who deals with things like this and makes adjustments to the Chronolabe.

I think the key to the world goes straight into the Chronolabe; that's where it should appear once you've got it working. When you use the Chronolabe tool, it should open a window with a list of all the keys to the world you've collected so far. So far, if you have it working, it should just have one item in the list, "Kami no Mushi", and when you click it it will give directions to the island. ^^
sorry for posting this in the wrong thread, BTW. Oops. Thanks for helping me anyway. I'll be more careful next time.

And yeah ... I would have sworn in a court of law that I'd tried that, but I tried it again on your advice, just to be able to describe the problem more clearly, and TADA! there's the island in the list. Weird. Well, I guess that fixes my block! Thank you.

Help, I'm stuck once more.

I've recently obtained the Black Mattock (from the circular island with the single chest in the middle) and I'm not sure what I'm meant to do next. The game isn't providing me any new slimes.

I've travelled to all the islands I can and there doesn't appear to be any new events from them. The first cave back on the initial island is throwing me kanji slimes which I haven't yet learnt.
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It's intersting looking back at my notes from that time... Was such a crazy coincidence how the timing of the build 164 update randomly happened to coincide perfectly with where I was up to...

Mon, 29th September 2014 -- Finished the story on build 163. My stats showed I had learnt up to "Kanji: 1066" at that point. (I think I might have temporarily turned off the Focus Training On Next Cave setting before I finished the story though. I don't think this meant Episode 4 tested up to specifically 1,066 kanji back then...)

Sat, 25th October 2014 -- "Kanji: 1809"

Mon, 27th October 2014 (6am in the morning, before I went to bed...) -- "Kanji: 1972"

Mon, 27th October 2014 (later that day, after I woke up) -- Build 164 was released. I updated my game and started Episode 5.

Fri, 31st October 2014 -- Finished Episode 8!


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Once I'm finished will the kanji, I'm tempted to run through the game again to see if I'm able to repeat the issue. I feel that it'll be a good refresher on the kanji as well.

Forgot to ask you on my last post, but you mentioned returning to Kabukabu, which I don't believe I'm able to do. It seems to me that as you process, the game will prevent you from returning to certain islands. The picture is what I get when using the Chronolabe and none of the options lead me to it.

Looking at your notes, I'm impressed at how quickly you were able to learn them. I feel my brain would turn to mush if I try to cram it with so much kanji in so little time, although I don't think I could make time for that much training anyway.

The method I'm using is to learn three groups of kanji every session. If one of them was small (less than six kanji), I may try to include another. I've found that it takes roughly an hour of play until the game starts sending me new batches. I could probably adjust it by changing the trainer settings but I've stuck with the defaults until now, and I feel that the initial reviewing helps me a fair bit.

Just reached 89.71% (1769) this session. At the rate I'm going, I expect to have them finished before the end of the following month.
Kabukabu isn't one of the islands that require the chronolabe to get there. Simply head straight east from Jagaimo. I doubt going to see the princess at Kabukabu will help at all if Darrell is aware of a bug that might be causing it anyway. Maybe still worth ruling it out though.

I know the "Island of Slimes" island becomes unreachable after you complete Episode 1, but none of the other islands are like this. (Well, except each of the Elemental Islands, I guess, which can't be returned to at all after defeating them). I can still get to all the other islands even at the end of Episode 8.

Oh yeah. You'll see something interesting though when you get further in Episode 8. ^^
Also, about how I managed to cope with that ridiculous number of kanji in one month:

I'd been learning Japanese occasionally on and off for a long long time before that point. However, I still probably had never even seen hundreds of those kanji before. But, just saying, I had a bit of an advantage with dealing with them due to all the related learning of Japanese I'd been doing beforehand. If I had been new to the language my brain likely would have fried from attempting that many kanji, haha... Things like reading up in detail on kanji radicals and using various Japanese learning websites...

Sites such as this one: (where I have just now noticed you made an account on there a long time ago!) ^^
Thanks again. With your instructions, I was able to reach Kabukabu.

Surprised that I didn't run into it before as I spent a fair amount of time just sailing everywhere, trying to reach every island I could in order to unlock the new kanji slimes. That was before I contacted Darrell. I thought that it had closed off to me, like the Island of Slimes.

As expected, didn't make a difference by speaking with the princess there. Doesn't matter though as I'm able to make process by adjusting that setting.

I have a few Japanese sites I've signed up for but unfortunately, I've yet to make use of most of them. Unlike you, I took a long break from my Japanese learning, only making a real effort to get back into it at the start of this year.

I really regret that as it's been nearly an entire decade since I signed up for my first Japanese learning site, this one. I feel like I could probably have been fluent in that time if I had kept at it. Oh, well. At least I'm starting it now. No time like the present, as they say.

Once I'm finished with this kanji run, I'll aim to branch out to other methods as well.
Great news! There's a new update out. Darrell e-mailed me to state that he's fixed the bug. I had previous sent him a copy of my saved game to use.

Thanks Darrell, if you're reading this.
Yeah. Downloaded it about three hours ago and was halfway through typing an excited message about the update, but then news of another London terror attack came out before I could finish it. Quickly spoiled the mood. :|

I was going to say I'm interested in the third point mentioned in the changelog.

> improved repetition scheduling after a miss so quickly killing delay enemies lets you finish off the main target sooner

零 / / / / / / / / / /