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Just hit 250 Kanji doing hard mode kanji recognition, think I need like 400 to beat the second dungeon. Can I play another mode without loosing the progress on this one? Which other mode do you recommend that I do, I thought of the compounds mode, that one sounds dope!
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So in the meantime I completed all words and compounds in build 165, so here is a bit of information for those that are curious:

There are 1972 Kanji, 1385 words and 1399 compounds (which is curious, as I was under the impression from the webpage that there should be around 1600. Maybe this number is supposed to include the compounds learnt in the additional modes provided in the game, but then I'd expect the total number to be significantly higher than what was stated. I'm not complaining though, as I'm more then ready to move on.)

I remember someone asking if max level was 99 or 100. This is not the case. Currently I'm on level 109 (with around 105k exp). No idea if this continues indefinitely.
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Wow. Very awesome job!

In-game it says "nearly 2000" kanji, "around 1350" words, "around 1600" compounds. Your figures for kanji and words are the same as what I found out. I had noticed that compounds seemed to be 1399 instead of around 1600, but I hadn't been able to confirm it. I'm assuming there were more compounds originally intended to be included which haven't been added in the game yet, and the 1600 figure has been accidentally left it?

Yeah, it was me who suggested that the level looked like it was going to go higher than 100. I'm still level 82 like it says on my profile by clicking my username. I've been slacking off due to certain circumstances over the last few months. Well done for beating me to level 100! ^^

I was expecting the level to go even higher than 109 though. You say you've completed all the "kanji", "words" and "compounds"? Have you done the "readings" too?

The level goes up every time you learn a certain number of new items, not based on EXP at all. Like you receive a new level at 1800 kanji, 1850, 1900, 1950, 1972. The gaps between levels are smaller at the start, like 5, 10, 20, 30, etc.

So, if you haven't finished the "readings" yet, then you can get more levels there. I'm also wondering whether there are exactly 1972 readings? I'm sure there almost definitely will be since they are the same set of kanji, but for all I currently know they end early? I was wondering if you already finished the "readings" and know the answer already? ^^
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Ah, I think I found the reason for the discrepancy between the number of compound words (Regular Reading Words)!

Check out the changelog on the homepage and a scroll down to build 155. Here it mentions this following change:

"Cut out the one-kanji Regular Reading Words, to reduce redundancy."

So maybe there were around 200 which were removed? The oldest full version of SFA I still have on my PC is build 148. In this build it also says "around 1600" ingame. Using a little bit of the secret dark arts, I've discovered that it looks like there were 1617 Regular Reading Words in build 148... Mystery solved! :P
Well, since I had previously worked through Heisig, I decided to always answer with the best-guess readings as I worked through the Kanji in SFA, in order to avoid redundancy in learning. Therefore, even though I personally learned those readings, I didn't go through all the dark green best-guess reading slimes. So there's certainly more potential to level up from those.
So I decided I needed some repetition, and thus I went back and truly completed my file. Here are the final stats for build 165:

Kanji: 1972
Readings: 1972
Words: 1385
Compounds: 1399

Max Level: 143
Wow! Very nice!

I wanted to be the first to achieve that, but I slacked off really bad for the past year. Certain things including an injury to my hand prevented me playing for a while, then I got lazy about continuing my save.

Congratulations on being the first person I know of to have managed to do this. ^^

I want to recommend trying out all the other game modes too, even the ones that might not look terribly interesting from their descriptions. The three grammar modes are obviously cool, but for a long time I didn't realise how nice some of the other modes were. "Storyless: Unhinted Readings" seems like the ultimate hard mode. Even "Easy Mode" is a lot more beneficial than it sounds. That is, if you have not already gone through all these modes. ^^

I just want to say I love what I've played of this game. I've used it to supplement my studies and its been a great help.

I was curious if anybody has ever offered to upgrade the graphics of the game before? I understand the game is supposed to evoke the NES/SNES era visual style of games and I feel as a pixel/binary artist I could preserve this style while making it look significantly more professional art wise without distracting from the games intended purpose of education. If this is something the creator/community would be interested in I would be happy to provide my portfolio, and/or begin working right away on assets. I would not necessarily require monetary compensation for this. Tell me what you think, and I apologize if this has been brought up before.
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That would be awesome to have LRNJ, say, under Unreal Engine. :D

Hey folks, just started having a look at this and unfortunately it seems to be running extremely slow. I am on a Mac, in windowed mode. Any thoughts on how to speed it up?

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Sorry, but can you tell me some more about your Mac, like the model and OSX version?

Is it doing anything else weird? Is it jerky, or flickering or anything? How is it slow?
Hmm.. having wiped my machine due to an unrelated incident things seem to be going a bit more smoothly. The symptom was that character movement was extremely sluggish. There was no other indication of problem... just slow walking.

I can't imagine this would help anyone else, as I think a complete machine wipe is not the most efficient solution!
I'm hitting this as well. Everything is running slowly. For example when I run, it can take more than 10 seconds to count from 3 to 0.

It usually happens, but occasionally when I launch it doesn't have the issue. I have a quick mac laptop, so it's not an issue with the computer. I tried replacing my build with the latest build (but I copied over my player data), and it didn't seem to fix anything.
One other thing - if I make the screen smaller it runs faster, and if I make the screen larger it runs slower (using option- and option+)
I have the same problem. I have a recent Macbook Pro (mid-2014 model, 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, Intel Iris Pro Graphics, Retina display running at default resolution) and in addition to being very slow while walking around, SFA crashes every time I try to have it go into full-screen mode. Additionally, running SFA at the default size in window mode drains my battery much faster than I would expect for a game that really shouldn't be that computationally expensive to run. It's much faster on my five-year-old Sony Vaio running on Windows 7 on much more meager specs, though my Vaio does have a dedicated Nvidia video card in it.
Wow, I'm surprised a Macbook Pro would have trouble at all. I've been using an Eee PC netbook (single core) with Arch Linux on it and having only some tearing problems when I'm in heavily-tiled areas (ocean, dungeons).

However, my screen resolution is (relatively?) small, that may factor into it, too, it being a maximum of 1024x600.
I've noticed poor performance on a windows 8.1 desktop (mine) with a decent 3D card (geforce 670) at fullscreen. While attack animation in original screen size is as playing XT games on 386s (they used to make the games timing to match the CPU speed by then), when I put that in full screen (2560x1440 -- game gets centered on the screen with a huge black border), the game animations (not walking or showing dialogs it seems) get all sluggish and choppy.

Playing on original size is fun enough.

Anyone else feel that this board style is not conducive to it's purpose?

I feel the standard vBulletin style forum would probably serve the needs of this (small) community a lot better.

They're more structured, easily read, and organized. This 4chan-esque layout simply makes reading correspondence a bit harder than it should. And with the obvious low user base, one should expect to wait a long time before receiving a response, perhaps days. And when they return, instead of simply looking for their thread title in a nice list of other threads, they will have to stare at this mess and scour through it.
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Doesn't really bother me. I got a response quickly to my game question and the community is small enough that finding an old post isn't difficult.
I found this style very strange... I have to guess which page is the last one (currently 8th) to just see most recent chat.
I believe a shoutbox + forums would be best. As for shoutbox would be exactly this current chat in reversed post time order (starting from latest posts going to oldest in the following pages).
Sorry my mistake about the time order, seems newest posts are first, it was just misleading to me how threads are organised in lrnj chat. So as to understand the darker purple messages are reply to a "thread" and thread, even being old, is sorted up to the beginning...

Its not really very straightforward to me this organization of topics :P Sorry for that.

Playing "Storyless: Starter Vocabulary", the translation for witch is shown as まほうじょ. The actual word for it is まじょ.
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I paid $20 for this.

I have mailed the contact-adress, no response as of this time. How could this error have been made in the first place? There isn't any word for 'witch' written as "まほうじょ".
Interestingly enough, "まほうじょ" is replaced with "まじょ" in "Storyless: Hiragana Word Primer".
I noticed this before but I never decided to report it.

まほう "magic" + じょ "female/woman" makes a fair bit of sense if you aren't thinking to hard about what kanji are used to write it. Seems fairly easy to slip up if you're not concentrating.

I guess also it could have resulted from some temporary mix-up with まほうしょうじょ "magical girl" and a similarity with びしょうじょ. You can find plenty of English websites where some people frequently write "mahoujo" instead of "mahou shoujo", whilst they will always write "bishoujo" correctly.

Anyhow. Yeah, it does need fixing sometime. In my experience Darrell replies impressively quick to emails, although I haven't sent any since January and not have seen him post on here since then. I hope he is doing okay. ^^

I think I've found a bug in Build 165. The red slime reading for 孫 is written as まご above when a correct answer is typed, but your input is written as マダ whether "mago" or "mada" is typed. Is this a mistake or yet another kind of reading for 孫?
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I had actually emailed a bug report of this problem to Darrell already. I think you can even type either of them, まご or まだ. Only まご is correct. However, I reported it after build 165 was released, so hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. ^^
That's really great, not everybody bothers with sending them in. :)

Found something else, too. 倍 means "fold", as in "#-fold" like: "tenfold" or "five times the (length/weight)". The definition plus the mnemonic description: [A person stands and holds a side with his mouth/chin to fold a big sheet.] make me think of "I fold the clothes on the table" kind of "fold".

This might make complete beginners confused, or perhaps it was a definition mistake, not sure...

Reference to WWWJDIC included here:

Wow, Catwald killed me.

I got the Sea Lantern (a defunct item?) and have gotten past all the town/city ruins to the cave at the end. Because I'd like to not die enroute again for nothing, can someone tell me if I need to do anything else before progressing through this cave at the end of Catwald?
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I can't remember anything particularly special that you need to do before attempting that cave. Only tips I can think of:
・There's a place you can rest and restore your health in the town before the cave (I think).
・Turn on "Focus training on next cave", and if outside the cave you are still able to encounter new kanji (large slimes), then you haven't learned enough to do the cave yet.
・Do the toolbag side quest at Ytlin to get more inventory spaces back, then stock up on things like Twoleafs.
・Increase your max HP by eating at the old couple's place in Ytlin (+1 max HP each time; I think it can be done 3 times per each day).
・Make sure you have the Chankonabe tool, which restores your HP to max +100 bonus HP (200/100 health), but this can only be used a certain number of times (once?) per day / per so many hours. Chankonabe also increases your max HP too by +1 each time you use it.
・The most your max HP can reach is 150 health. (If you use Chankonabe with 150 max HP, your health will be 250/150). If you die though your max HP resets to 100 health, and I'm not sure if you can get back to 150 max HP without repeating the whole process...
・If you have the full version of SFA (or whatever version allows you to learn spells), consider doing the spell learning side quest by journeying by boat to the desert island looking place and completing its cave for the first spell. The first spell might not seem that useful, but if you carry on and learn the first 3 or 4 spells or more then they become extremely handy for surviving tough dungeons. ^^

I know that info is overkill for just completing that cave, but there's probably some helpful information somewhere in all of that. ^^
Made it the second time by going back to Ytlin and grabbing as many Twoleafs and Herbs as I could afford. Not easy, but I made it.

I've learned two spells, and I'll try to charge them as you and Darrell have said.

I see your name all over the chan, you've been really helpful to everyone. :) ... Ever consider contributing to the SFA wiki?

I have a question about the Subscription model
Can I subscribe to example the 15 dollar version, will I then get upgraded to gold, when my amount hit 100 dollars?

(seeing I ofcourse hit that number before the slots are closed? )

and will I be able to example sub for 5 dollars now, and then manually add additional lets say 80 dollars in 4 months from now? ( just in theory )
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I intend on buying the 20$ version after I finish the first 4 chapters, but before I do that I have a couple questions:

1: Will I keep my progress if I buy the full version?

2: The game hasn't been updated since November last year. Is there going to be an extra big update soon, or are the suspending/dropping/finshing the project?

I most likely will buy it anyway despite the answers to either of these questions. Thanks in advance
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never mind abt number 1, the answer is quite obvious, and even if I cant I can just manipulate some files.
1) Yes, I think so. But as you state, it's just some files, easily migrated.
2) Hard to say. Darrell comes and goes. If often takes quite a while between updates, e.g. build 128 to 129 took a full year.

It is not very expensive compared to following a course and the game helps quite a bit in learning the Kanji. I highly recommend it.
I am pretty sure I am buying it, it looks pretty good so far. It was a bit frustrating before I found the amulet (I know all the kanji but I can't get through), but it looks like something I want. Thanks for the reply

I feel like I am overlooking the obvious... Where am I supposed to go after completing Kami no Mushi, Cots Whee, Honey Kamey and Bokudoku Row?

I found both the armor and weapon upgrade but so far no new key for the chronolabe.
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It's definitely not very obvious, and I don't remember seeing any hints for it. So here's a hit: Try the home island, Jagaimo, to see what has changed.

You're doing pretty well. I haven't heard very many other people getting this close to the end. Keep it up, you're nearly there! ^^
I noticed that change but I wasn't being trained on the slimes I encountered there. Thus, I thought I had to go elsewhere first. It turns out that this too seems to be an issue with the "focus training on next cave" option.

The training stalled for me on 1575 (normal difficulty - Kanji without Kana).

Anyway, the issue is resolved and I can now proceed.
Thanks for your help!
Ah. I had permanently turned off "focus training on next cave" after the end of Episode 4, because there were no more episodes when I completed it and I wanted to learn the remaining ~900 kanji.

On the very same day that the build 164 was released adding Episodes 5-8, I finally encountered the last kanji in the game (total of 1,972 kanji). I was really lucky with the timing of this, which is how I was able to complete Episodes 5-8 so quickly within only a few days of it being released! :P

So yeah, I wouldn't have any idea whether there are any bugs in Episodes 5-8 related to the "focus training on next cave" option. Should probably inform Darrell if you are fairly certain this is a bug. ^^
Finally finished the basic set of 1.972 kanji.

Thanks again for the advice.

So I found the Keys to the World, which I assume is the Puyo Gem in my Chronolabe. Am I done?
If so, where can I go to fight compound slimes again (since the ones in the initial cave became testing ones)?
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As far as I know, you are done once you reach that point. Darrell has said that he still needs to put a proper ending into the game.

To encounter compound slimes at the point in the game you are at, you don't need to go anywhere special anymore! You should have a tool which causes forest encounters to be compound slimes (just like you have another tool for readings slimes and another tool for words slimes). It's not obvious from the name of the tool, but you should be able to figure out which one does it (so long as you haven't dropped it, which might mean you'd never be able to encounter them again...) ^^
Btw, What level does it say you are now?

I'm level 82 and I've got quite a long way to go before I have perfect stats. Just wondering if anyone has higher? (Also wondering if the level goes higher than 100, because it kinda looks like it will). Can see my stats on my profile. I've been slacking off a lot for the last few months, initially due to injuries and stuff, but now just gotten lazy. Need some competition. ^^
Well, I coudn't figure it out with my current tools. Maybe I also simply didn't pick it up. Could you spoil me the tool and its location?

Also, my level is 78.
I guess there's no need to be secretive about it, just didn't think it would take much effort to figure out anway, since there's only a few different tools to test.

The tool is "dog", which I think you get from the Honey Kamey island? Pretty sure it's impossible to complete that island without obtaining it, so you should have it already? ^^
Oh, okay. I think I only tested pressing enter and not actually walking around with the dog equipped. That's why I missed that.

Unfortunately, this does mean that I can't use the slime shaker to speed up the battle entry for compounds anymore, huh? I think something to change this would be a good addition for a future update of the game.

Anyways, thanks for helping me out.
Yeah. We have the slime shaker to trigger a battle with kanji (meanings) slimes, and another really nice tool to immediately trigger battles with words slimes. But the dog and book tools don't immediately trigger their battles (compounds and readings slimes respectively).

I thought it was definitely a shame that dog and book can't be used the same way as the other two tools.
I just reached this point as well today, having freed the girl in the cave. I enjoyed the final dungeon.

So far I haven't done many readings/words/compounds yet. I agree that adding a trigger functionality to the book and dog would be a great addition.

Any advice on what to prioritize next?

Hi there, I remember playing this game waaay back, but essentially got stuck, didn't get very far though

I remember I didn't like It threw Hirigana and Katakana at me at once, ^_^ that being said though I figure if I buy the complete Kanji version, will I be able to learn Hirigana, Katakana, and Kanji from scratch, which is super awesome, but does this game also introduce japanese words and phrases or is it simply "symbols?"

Thanks in advance

//love Thea
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You learn the alphabet before you learn words. Kana (hiragana & katakana) before you learn kanji. Would be crazy if an English child said they didn't want to learn the rest of the alphabet and wanted to learn words instead...

You can chose "Standard Game (no kana)" if you want to start the story straight on the kanji slimes. You have to answer in katakana. "Standard Game (with kana)" starts with katakana, then does hiragana, then kanji. So you could just stop playing after learning katakana and switch to the "no kana" story mode? But I think it would be crazy to skip learning hiragana if you haven't learnt it yet, as you won't be able to read pretty much any Japanese sentences without knowing hiragana...

The game does teach words too, and there are separate side game modes for just training on basic vocabulary and grammar. ^^
^ Oops. Meant to say you have to answer in katakana (type romaji which turns into katakana) for some types of questions involving words and kanji pronunciation. The standard kanji meanings slimes obviously you're answering in English.

Was just trying to say that you don't need to use hiragana much at all in the standard story mode. Thinking about it, this isn't actually true anyway, as the "Special Reading Words" slimes show you words with hiragana in most of the time... Basically, just ignore that and make sure to learn kana first! Really shouldn't take more than a few days to learn a couple of alphabets...

I'm a new user of Linux/Ubuntu/Unity, and I'm not sure where unpack the program.
usr/share/ ?
usr/share/applications/ ?
someplace entirely different?
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Just put in anywhere in your home directory. As far as I know, there is no systemwide installation. The player data will be saved in a subdirectory of the game as well.

Every time I try to download the demo, I receive a message that says "Failed - Download Error". Does anyone know what's causing this?
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Probably just an antivirus software interfering. Usually your antivirus program would pop-up a message telling you this, but sometimes the pop-up messages get disabled (making it very difficult to know what happened). ^^;

Most antivirus softwares are fine with downloading SFA, but a small few are a bit overcautious and will not let the download complete. As far as I've noticed, the few antivirus programs that won't let the download finish are perfectly happy with the actual installed game, just that they are a bit jumpy about the installer.


A) Turn antivirus off breifly, just for a couple of minutes while you download and install the game. Then turn it back on.
B) Go into your antivirus software's settings and add this website or the installer download file to the list of "exceptions".

Solution A is by far the easiest. You should be able to just right-click your antivirus icon on the taskbar and find an option like "disable for 10 minutes" or something, then click something like "turn antivirus back on" after installing the game.
Solution B may be very complicated to do with some antivirus softwares, and certain web browsers (like Google Chrome) give all download files a temporary random filename--so therefore the exception filename you add won't work...)
Thanks for the help! Everything downloaded just fine.

^ _^

It might be nice if the game could also be downloaded in .zip format. This would give people with jittery antivirus programs an alternative, since it's only the installer .exe download file that those antivirus softwares go so nuts over -- The same antrivirus programs are perfectly happy with the files which get installed and with running the game, so there should be no issues at all if given in .zip format... ;-)
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