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Is there a proper way of progressing after getting the dragon egg?
Currently I am fighting slimy food because the other slimes on the other island are pretty tough.
There's no incentive for me in really progressing because I do not know why and where I should go (except the 漢字 of course).
Shouldn't I be able to enter Kabu-city now?
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It has been a few months since I did episodes 5-8 , but I think I can just about remember what happened.

I did the same as you. I tried to do that tough island first, but I had to retreat and do that island with the slimy food first instead.

This slimy food island is probably the island you're actually meant to do first. This island isn't pointless and is part of progressing with the story. Once you complete the island you'll probably know what to do next, but here's a tip: that tough island is not the next island you should attempt. (Out of the four new islands in episodes 5-8, I did that tough island third.) You'll realise later everything makes sense. ^^
I'd actually forgotten about that "Kabu-city" place you mentioned. You can't enter that city at the point of the story you're at. However, now I've reached the end of the current story, I got excited thinking I should go back there and see if I can get in now, just to check whether I missed something cool... :P
Also, another hint: Now that you're on episode 5, you definitely want to check out one of the places on Ninjinia island again, in case there's a chest with something cool in it... :)
Ha, thanks, I allways wondered why that island would appear on my travels to Honey Kamey.

I don't want to stop learning Japanese. I don't want to quit this game. If it doesn't stop testing me on kanji it refuses to introduce I won't have a choice. I know none of you care.

I'm essentially stuck at the same place I was before. I'm at 510 kanji, starting without kana. The castle sage has accepted the nav book and tells me where I can find Catwald. The Catwald ruins are a series of 7 testing caves which test you on different sets of kanji. The kanji from the first few caves I am exquisitely well prepared for. The... I dunno, maybe 3rd or 4th ruin starts testing me on kanji the game has never taught me. The stretches of the main map between the ruins keep reviewing me on super super super old kanji I haven't gotten wrong in several hundred trials now. It does this regardless of whether "Focus training on new cave?" is set or not.
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... okay, maybe complaining here is the magic unlocker action:

- tried to push into Catwald ruins with a dictionary and guesswork
- got killed back to Jagaimo
- fought another 100-200 pointless review slimes
- suddenly started getting new fat intro slimes out in the grass near my brother's place ಠ_ಠ
Have you seen the "Settings" > "Trainer Tuning" menu before?
With this you can manually tune how frequently you encounter old questions. Each setting tells has help text explaining exactly what it changes.

It's difficult to know exactly what your situation is, so it's hard to suggest which settings to change. The one I think is most likely to help would be the "Review Intensity" setting? It's default setting should be "6" (I think).

When "Review Intensity" is set to 10, a slime for every single kanji you've ever answered will come back every day! (so you would have to defeat more than 510 training slimes each day before you could learn any new words)! When it is set to 1, review slimes only appear once every 60 days since you learnt that kanji. I'm guessing you've been playing on that save long enough that you now have to defeat all the slimes you encountered at the start of the game (review slimes).

The only problem is that I don't know whether the setting takes effect immediately... It don't know but it might only take effect once you've fought each slime again? I wouldn't go too crazy with messing with the Trainer Tuning settings though, as setting them to the extremes will probably mean you won't take in properly what you are learning and will just forget everything. Slight adjustments to suit your learning style is probably good though. ^^
Oops, I meant "System Menu" > "Trainer Tuning".

Also, I'm guessing as you posted 11 days ago that you'd started a new save, that the default setting of "6" for "Review Intensity" must be for review slimes to appear after every 10 days (or something close to that).
Maybe "5" = 20 days, "4" = 30 days, "3" = 40 days, "2" = 50 days... Just a complete guess though.

Definitely read through all the other tuning settings though, because there may be others which are more helpful to change. ^^

I'm using the chronolabe to try and find the island of Kami no mushi but I seem to end up going straight and then right repeatedly until the end of time. What am I doing wrong?.
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I'm guessing you may have managed to get there already by now? If not here's some tips:
・Keep checking the chronolabe very very frequently.
・"Forwards" doesn't mean up (or North), it's whatever direction Jenk is facing. Same thing for "straight back" not meaning down (or South),
・When it says "Jenk's left" / "Jenk's right" make sure you're definitely doing Jenk's left/right not your own left/right! (i.e. if Jenk is facing South, then Jenk's left/right is the opposite of your left/right.)
・When it says "Nothing happens" your almost there, just continue going the same direction you were.

I imagine you didn't need any of those tips, but there isn't really any other advice to give. It's easy to get the left and right thing the wrong way round when Jenk keeps changing direction, easy to get caught out without realising. ^^
I would always turn around when it says nothing happens because I thought I was out of range. Thanks for the help

Okay, flailed a bit on the concepts of Kabukabu and Ninjinia but figured out I was supposed to be looking for Catwald. Found my way there only to become pretty annoyed: the brown potato looking slimes in the first cave are "testing" me on kanji that haven't been introduced, so hey, I figure I'd better go topside and study up. Back on the surface, the green slimes are helpfully reviewing "four" and "up" for me. Where the @(%& am I supposed to learn the kanji the potatoes are throwing at me?!?!
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Have you finished Ytilin - the mining quest and cave on that island?

The green training slimes are the same no matter which island you are on. If they aren't giving you any new kanji when you need to learn them for a cave, it usually means you're supposed to be at a different cave! (or some story related thing still needs finishing first). ^^
Yes, thanks, took the book back to the old guy in the castle. (Isn't that where you learn about Catwald, Kabukabu and Ninjinia?)
Okay, started a new game and chewed through it to the same point: you pick up the (nav) book at the bottom of the Ytlin cave and take it back to the sage in the castle. You talk to him several times to be told about the world map and eventually he takes the book away (i.e. you're down to one "book" in inventory) and his final (repeated) dialog is "The Apparatus points you toward Ytlin and away from Catwald."

Then again, I had to go back to Ytlin because those @&!($^& mountains STILL haven't coughed up a rockfish >< and this time I'm getting new training slimes while mining, so I suppose it looks like I'm not hung up. I started without kana this time. -_-
Are you certain that you previously weren't just getting overwhelmed by the introduction/correction 'reinforcement' slimes (medium size slimes)? If you had just come out of a cave after answering lots of questions wrong, then you may have had a lot of these reinforcement slimes needing to be defeated first, blocking the 'introduction' slimes (large size slimes) from appearing. (I think this is how it works anyway, could be wrong though.)

If the game is making you review stuff you know well already, maybe you might want to adjust the "Trainer Tuning" settings?

If you start seeing lots of filler review slimes (small size slimes) appearing, then I think only at that point can you be sure that the slimes aren't going to teach you any more new kanji.

I can't really remember the first cave on Catwald too well. I don't remember seeing any "brown potato looking slimes" in that cave, I thought they were just plain orange when I did it. I didn't have any problems with new kanji not being introduced; the sage took the navigation book off me and I went to Catwald, but I might have turned the "Focus training on next cave" setting off... ^^

So I just finished Episode two and I know about 400 kanj. I found the new catwald island but when i went there i had to go directly into a cave to find a key. However in the cave are test kanji for kanji i never learned. If i go back to the forest on jyagaimo i get readings for the kanji. What am i doing wrong?
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The item you currently have equiped is the "book" item? Equiping this item causes you to encounter dark-green 'best-guess reading' slimes instead in forests, and is used to recharge any spells you've learnt. :)
That was the issue. Thanks a lot.

What does Shark Repellent do?
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I love this game, but I tend to use my laptop less and less these days. Any chance of seeing this as a phone/tablet/web app for on-the-go learning?
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I wonder if it would be able to synch your progress from the PC version? or would you have to do it all over again.

i recently got hat lvl membership, is it possible to restrict the game to first concentrate on the grade school material?
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It should be. In fact, it should do that by default until you've beaten Episode 4. I'll put that in.

What you can do in the game is go to System Menu, Training Focus, and set "Focus training on next cave?" to "Yes".
i see, im not sure if this is grade school material or not, but i thought it would be closer to the grades as in joyo kanji.. im pretty sure neither crude nor hole are in the first grade ^^

what does "focus training on next cave" do?
They're not in the standard order of grade school kanji, which is organized to accommodate and exercise the developing motor skills of small children.

There are some non-grade-school kanji mixed in with the grade school set, and it's also an older set of grade school kanji, rather than the most current one used by the Japanese educational system. When you're learning kanji recognition rather than needing a lot of handwriting practice, I find it helps to introduce similar-looking kanji together as much as possible, so you're forced to focus on and learn to distinguish the details of their appearance. So I've added in additional similar-looking kanji to help you learn to reliably identify the grade-school kanji by contrast.

The reason I started from the grade-school kanji list, despite rejecting the order, is that it is a decent list of the most common kanji combined with a near-comprehensive sampling of the shapes that appear in kanji, which you have to learn to recognize.

Also the number is important. At somewhere between six hundred and a thousand kanji, you're over the hump, your mind accepts that kanji are a thing, and it becomes easy to learn more and more of them. Lots of people start to study kanji, but after learning to distinguish three or four hundred fairly simple or dissimilar-looking kanji, they start to flounder as the new kanji they learn look more and more alike, and they give up. This is why I think you have to really drill and get through that danger zone.

I misunderstood your question, assuming that you meant that you had gone through the grade school kanji and were having too many later kanji introduced, before you had beaten the first four episodes of the game, which cover the grade school kanji.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>but after learning to distinguish three or four hundred fairly simple or dissimilar-looking kanji, they start to flounder as the new kanji they learn look more and more alike

I can completely relate to that, i started on the 16th of november to learn kanji, learned 80 per day using memrise and upon reaching 886, i began to stumble over more and more of kanji i could recognize by meaning only in 70% of times... after that i thought i should take a break and solidify what i had learned.. i guess i should carry on if i ever want to learn them all (at the very least the joyo kanji...)

thanks for sharing your wisdom

"I put on my robe and wizard hat."

HAHAHAHA money well spent I say.
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Ok, i'm just starting the Kanji.... the game gives you 匹 I prefer typing the romaji rather than the english translation. I looked the kanji 匹 up on Denshi Jisho and it says it means (Hitsu) counter for small animals.
The game says it means "crude".
Who's right? Jisho or the game?
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Short version: both are correct.

There is not always only one meaning for a kanji. The English keyword in Slime Forest is necessarily somewhat arbitrary, because kanji have multiple meanings, and there is not always a perfect correspondence between a Japanese word and any English word or short phrase.

匹 after a number will commonly be a counter for small animals or rolls of cloth, so 一匹 means "one (small animal or roll of cloth, or maybe horse)". But in compound words, it will often mean "crude" or "coarse". For instance, 匹夫 means something like "country bumpkin".

The "small animal" meaning is common, but is also clearly not the more original sense. So I went with "crude" as the best choice for a keyword to use while you learn to recognize the kanji and distinguish it from others.

By comparison, the English word "head" can be a counter for cattle, or it can mean the part of the body the brain sits in, or it can be the mind or a leader, or it can be anything that sits on top of something, or it can be a toilet, or it can be . Or "brain" itself can mean the organ of the body, or the action of violently striking the head.

The most original sense of "battery" is of a violent attack. But when they used cannons together to batter walls down, it came to also mean a group of things being used together. So a bundle of electrical power cells became a "battery", and then it became acceptable for a single cell to be a "battery".
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I'm not too sure about "crude" being a correct meaning, but it isn't a particularly bad meaning to give it either. It gives a good feeling of the way in which small animals are lumped together and counted, or bolts of cloth are measured out, or the way in which common folk are regarded. Although it seems the kanji has more of a meaning of "to match" like on this page:

As for Denshi Jisho, I think you meant "hiki"? I don't think the "hitsu" reading is ever used for the small animal counter word, or anything to do with small animals. "Hitsu" is used in some compound words to do with horses, matching, and common folk, but it isn't used at all as a counter.

I also notice Denshi Jisho says "hitsu" is onyomi but "hiki" is kunyomi? I always thought "hiki" was supposed to be onyomi too, not kunyomi? I guess I just think it's strange that the numbers are read as onyomi- ichi, ni, san, etc. but the counter is kunyomi. Maybe this phenomenon is more common than I think? This page is for studying Chinese, but it's Japanese readings listings also says both "hitsu" and "hiki" are onyomi (with interesting kunyomi listings):

Sorry. I find stuff like this really interesing and usually look further like this into many of the kanji I learn. ^^
Thanks guys! I appreciate the clarification. I still prefer typing the romaji it's just taking me time to look up the kun and on pronunciations and then slowy testing them to see which one the game uses. It would be nice if they listed that somewhere for people who would like to type in romaji, sure there's the katakana listed in the definition but the text is small and difficult to read.
> sure there's the katakana listed in the definition but the text is small and difficult to read.
You know you can change the screensize with "ALT +" and "ALT -"? (Press F1 in the game to see full instructions). Or are you just playing on a very small screen? The katakana seem fairly large anyway, as they are at least as big as the english text.

> I still prefer typing the romaji it's just taking me time to look up the kun and on pronunciations and then slowy testing them to see which one the game uses.
After the end of episode 1 you can find the spellbook in the castle. Equiping this "book" item makes you encounter different coloured slimes which test you on the reading instead of the meaning of the kanji. I think typing romaji on the normal slimes is more of a back-up in case you forget the meaning keyword but really do know the kanji and are able to substitute a reading instead.

But I'm fairly sure the intention of the normal kanji green slimes is to teach players to be able to distinguish the kanji and know the general meaning of the kanji. The mnemonic in the kanji description helps to teach this. I can't imagine the mnemonic being terribly useful at all for helping you remember the reading of the kanji? Just trying to suggest that the dark-green coloured slimes you can encounter with the "book" in Episode 2 onwards are a better place to learn and enter the reading of the kanji. Completely up to you of course. Good luck with your learning. ^^

So I take it the end of the game is when you get to that character that was inspired by a popular Japanese film?
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There isn't a proper ending yet, so that's where it stops for now.

Congratulations on learning to recognize the kanji!

Have you done the sidequest to learn the spells?

I'm also assuming the sea lantern item doesn't do anything anymore so I can just toss it right? Same with the Shark repellent?
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The whistle did disappear along with the bugged egg. I just bought a new one, it sat in the item box, then I equipped it and it worked fine, then I checked my tool bag and I had a duplicate whistle in the tool bag. I deleted the whistle in the item box and the duplicate in the tool bag stayed. Also, is the spell book different from the book I got in the library at the castle?
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I was confused too, thinking that there may be a different item named "spell book" or something, but that item you mentioned named "book" is the spell book.

Other than losing your whistle, everything else you mentioned happened exactly the same when I did it, even the wierd name of that item is intentional I think(?). I think all of that is how it is meant to be. I have no idea why you lost your whistle but I did not lose mine, however I didn't have my whistle equiped when I did it. I sure I didn't lose whatever I did have equiped though.

You can cast spells as soon as you learn one (all the way back in Episode 2), but the spell names only appear on the battle menu "Cast" list if before the fight you have charged the spell (otherwise it says something like "No spells ready to cast").

So I just got the egg from the castle again, when I left the moat the dragon found me and the screen faded to black. I went back into the game and saw the egg was now a bugged item reading something like %&^85%*93@] So I went to Kabu castle and talked to the princess and she asked if I found what I was looking for. I tried to equip the whistle to make the guards move but as soon as I did that, the whistle disappeared and the bugged egg item went with it. I equipped the chronolabe again and found two new locations had been added. Did I break the game? I went to three of the kun reading islands and received spells before I went to grab the egg (and was never able to use them, I assume this comes later in the game) Was this what was supposed to happen?
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The whistle shouldn't have disappeared. Are you sure it's gone? Maybe it's in the toolbox.

To use spells, you have to do training battles with the spellbook equipped. This powers the spells up, so you can use them once (it happens semi-randomly, so you may have to fight a few battles before you charge a spell). Magic is fairly new in the game, and while you can use it, it's not really explained.

The spells are a variety of one-shot cheats for use in the testing battles, so you can get through dungeons without perfect preparation and performance.

I keep getting 被る wrong as it only accepts こうむる...

This seems pretty harsh, as both かぶる and こうむる are written as 被る. かぷる is like N5 vocabulary and probably a much more well known word. I guess as they have different meanings, it isn't possible to allow both entries? but still is hard to stop myself typing かぶる every time. :P

Also, I got a little excited when I saw a version update, before noticing that it doesn't affect registered users. aww.
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Oops... fixed it in the source. It will accept either in the next build.

I usually think of かぶる as a hiragana word.
...and sorry that there's nothing new in this release.

I had to move to a new server, then I fixed up some things like using https, and I've been working on the web app stuff for phones and tablets.
Cool, next update is now guaranteed to have something to look forward to. haha. Thanks!

I just noticed I wrote かぷる... maybe invented a new word meaning "to put on a cap"? :P
I like kana input mode a lot, but even after using it a couple of years I still get quite a few unnoticed ゛ and ゜ typos.

I've got a lot of stuff on my SFA to-do list to keep me busy for a very long time anyway. Hopefully I will have finished all the special reading words within the next week! I think I'm getting close now with 1150 words? :)

Hey folks, just started having a look at this and unfortunately it seems to be running extremely slow. I am on a Mac, in windowed mode. Any thoughts on how to speed it up?

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Sorry, but can you tell me some more about your Mac, like the model and OSX version?

Is it doing anything else weird? Is it jerky, or flickering or anything? How is it slow?
Hmm.. having wiped my machine due to an unrelated incident things seem to be going a bit more smoothly. The symptom was that character movement was extremely sluggish. There was no other indication of problem... just slow walking.

I can't imagine this would help anyone else, as I think a complete machine wipe is not the most efficient solution!

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