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This is the project page for the LeaRN Japanese RPG: Slime Forest Adventure.

SFA can teach you basic Japanese literacy with: katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

It is playable and the first storyline ("Jenk's Adventure", for introductory kanji recognition) is essentially complete. There are demo and registered versions available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

-Darrell Johnson
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New version: Build 164 (changelog)
Monday, October 27 2014
More updates coming soon!

Current Features

Demo version of Slime Forest Adventure:

  • optional introduction to katakana and hiragana
  • learn to recognize and distinguish 200 kanji
  • the adventure begins with Episode 1
  • start learning kanji readings with a sample sidequest
  • introductory vocabulary and grammar in Supplementary Training

The Gradeschool Kanji registered version additionally has:

  • the adventure continues with Episodes 2-4
  • expanded set of 1,000 kanji, with readings training
  • full sidequest to train and test kun readings
  • additional readings training and testing coming soon

The Common Use Kanji registered version also has:

  • the adventure is completed with Episodes 5-8
  • expanded set of nearly 2,000 kanji
  • complete readings training with ~3,000 example words
  • full sidequest to learn kun readings for 1,000 kanji
  • more sidequests coming soon

Slime Forest Adventure

Fight slimes, save a princess, learn Japanese!


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Mini News

Saturday, November 15

Now you can make a member account on with no minimum payment. You just have to put some PayPal transaction through; the amount doesn't matter. The game price hasn't changed, though.

I've also made some changes with the new server, to make the site more secure. Member stuff is now SSL-only.

Reactivated the mailing list.

Sunday, November 6

Moved to a new server!

Monday, October 27

With today's release, Jenk's adventure continues in four additional episodes, so it tests the rest of the kanji recognition.

The main game is now complete in rough form, aside from lacking a proper ending. Now I'll be adding sidequests, polish, other characters' stories, and porting it to other platforms.