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Just completed all the kanji in SFA (kanji meanings only), all 1972 of them! Feels pretty good. ^^
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hmm why is there a readings/words/compound counter?

do you get those in kanji meanings too? i thought those were for just for the other hardmodes?

btw it would be great to have a mode that combines them all. imo the best way to remember kanji is seeing them directly work in jukugo while you learn them.

Yes, you encounter these too in the same standard story! You can encounter all readings/words/compounds once you reach Episode 2.

・Readings (Best-Guess Readings) = outside encounters change to these slimes when you have the Spell Book "book" item equiped (which you can obtain at the start of Episode 2).
・Words (Special Reading Words) = the island which replaces where the Island of Slimes was previously in Episode 1 (battles both on the island and in the sea around it).
・Compounds (Regular Reading Words) = in Jagaimo cave (the slimes that were there in Episode 1 are replaced with these in Episode 2).

And somewhere in episodes 5-8, you are able to switch to Words or Compounds for all outside battles encounters, in the a similar way to when using the "book" for Readings!

Now that I've finished kanji meanings and have been through all the testing areas which test up to the very last 1972 kanji, I'm now going to try and finish all the "words". And after this I'll alternate between "compounds" and "readings", until I clear everything on one single save! ^^

I see a certain character isn't so lonely anymore... That was a kinda scary encounter, and on halloween too! :P
I really like how things are fitting together. Also, I'm really glad I returned to some of the old islands (especially Ninjinia!) ^^

Does the island you reach with the Puyo Gem count as one of the four "new" islands? Or is there a different fourth island I should keep looking for?

I still haven't found anywhere to encounter Special Reading Word slimes yet. This is the main thing I REALLY want to find as I can't encounter these anymore. I'm at 799 "words" and want to do the remaining words without having to start over from scratch just to do this... It would be very nice to find another of what is found on the second new island, but for Special Reading Words instead. ;)
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Oh wow, nevermind about Special Reading Words issue! Figured it out. Thanks! :D

hi there.

the instruction txt from the demo says:

Registration and Patronage

You can register as a Project LRNJ member to get the full version of the
game. A permanent full membership costs $25, and entitles you to updates
of Slime Forest Adventure for as long as the game is being developed, and then
ownership of a copy of the finished game.

>doesnt buying the 20$ common kanji version give permanent full memership? or is this instructionstxt info outdated?

>when i play the demo can i import the savegame in the same way it is written in the instruction txt?
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members main
there i click on the "hat" paypal link

still not working. the paypal site doesnt even state a mail....
I don't understand why it's not working for you. I try the same thing and it works fine, and I'm getting registrations from other people.

Can you tell me what country you're in, what OS your computer is, and what web browser you're using?
windows 7
its working now. i disabled a few adonns like noscript and greasemonkey. my fault : /. sorry the hassle
Well, thank you for registering.

It never occurred to me before, but I guess to get a website really working properly, you have to test with popular add-ons.

I can't account for everything anyone might do with with greasemonkey, but noscript is something I should test with. Could you tell me any other add-ons you disabled before you got it to work?
it was just greasemonkey and noscript. :-)

im certain it was noscript because it shuts down any java from a site. i thought i disabled it. most sign up process pages remind me with a "please enable java" popup at the point of registration/paypal payment.

Well, anyway, it's definitely helpful to know that can cause a problem. Thank you very much, and I'll try and get it so it doesn't just fail mysteriously.

Hey. I'd completed up to where the story ended on build 163, and after updating to 164 I haven't managed to find the new islands or keys for them yet. It doesn't seem like anywhere has changed and it's not obvious where to start looking.

Anyone had any luck? I guess it's a bit too soon still. ^^;
I'm just wondering if it's definitely possible, on a save from the previous build where the end of the story was already reached, to be able to obtain what is needed to reach the new islands?

I'm still searching around, but it just would be nice to know if this definitely is not impossible under these circumstances.
I notice some cool new backgrounds in some fights though. ^^
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Sorry, the way to continue from a save that reached the previous end is non-obvious. You have to repeat the ending sequence.

Go back into the ruined Kabu castle to get the egg again -- it's easier this time. You'll face the dragon again, and afterward, the situation will have changed.
Thanks for the help. ^^

This is actually what I was already planning to try once I got home from work. I'd already gone back inside there but I couldn't remember which way to go, and I kept running into kanji I recognise and understand but have trouble remembering the accepted keywords for (as it's been a while since I encountered most of that set of kanji).
I tried selecting "focus on next cave", hoping to have a quick recap of the keywords by practising outside first, but that setting doesn't seem to have any effect now that I've previously completed that cave?
Sometimes I have to resort to using a theasaurus when I can think of loads of related words but none of the accepted ones. :D
Aah, nevermind. That wasn't difficult at all! I thought you had to do the whole thing all over again.

Still, the text for the name of the new item you get after the ending sequence is very bizzare. For a second I thought my game might be corrupt. O.o

Time to check out the new islands! :)
Yeah, there aren't as many synonyms and alternates for keywords of the later kanji. I have to get around to adding more.

One thing you can do is that if you know a reading for a kanji, you can enter that in romaji instead (you have to type it in full, it can't be abbreviated, like the preferred keyword). It should accept nearly every reading. The keyword testing is just for kanji recognition, to help prepare you to learn vocabulary and readings, so if you've got more advanced knowledge, you can use that without paying attention to the stepping stone of keywords.

However, it is the point of bringing up old kanji in dungeons to keep you from plowing forward without actually retaining what you've learned so far.

I just had a few ideas for things I can add to make deliberate reviewing more efficient.
I'd noticed a couple times before that it seemed to accept romaji reading but I didn't realise this was a standard feature for all kanji. That's helpful to know. :)

I found the first new island but nearly died very quickly (would have if I didn't have spells charged!), so I retreated from there.
I completed the second island island. Useful item! I hope there's a third one of these for the type I need! ^^
And completed the third island. Very cool reward! Now hopefully with this I can do the first island without dying straight away. :)
Haven't seen the fourth island yet.
Very nice update. Very helpful to now have testing areas for the 900 kanji I learnt in SFA this month. :P

uploaded the demo to virus total.

this is the result

: /
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50 antivirus software = PASS
3 antivirus software = FAIL (one of which is Avira)

On the SFA demo download page, the Avira issue is explained anyway.
These are paranoid antivirus scanners.

Basically, it's because I wrote a custom installer with compression.

They can't distinguish the compressed game files from encrypted malware. Most antivirus scanners know better than to equate "I'm not sure what this is" with "this is malware", but a few of them are just really poorly done, and rely on things like software whitelists.

Hey everyone. I was trying out storyless mode, for Kanji recognition, and after clearing 50 kanji it didn't progress me to the next 50. I tried selecting the focus on next dungeon item from the menu, but it still has me fighting the same small slimes. What are the requirements to progress to the next 50 kanji?
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Hello. I decided to try it out and clicked on "Miscellaneous > Storyless: Kanji Recognition" to see what happens.
New kanji don't appear in groups of 50. The group of slimes which appear after 45 kanji is a group of 6 slimes.
The 5th slime in this group (50th kanji) = 太 "plump".
The 6th slime in this group (51st kanji) = 犬 "dog".

Once you've completed this group, with your stats on the menu saying "kanji: 51", then the next group you encounter is a group of just 3 slimes.
Then the next group is 6 slimes, and so on.
There is no special requirement at 50, it's the same the whole way through this mode. There aren't any dungeons in "storyless" mode, so that setting won't have any effect either. ^^

Konnichi wa minna san!
i have been playing the SFA demo for the last 2 days and i really like it. i have gotten through 140 kanji and i have no trouble recalling them and the game seems like a great resource for getting familiar with the kanji.

I want to buy the full version now but one of my problems has always been staying consistant with doing things so i was wondering people that already play. how far have you gotten in the game and how many kanji have you gotten through.
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I stuck with the game until 1100 kanji then moved on to other sources of study. The game doesn't teach you kanji in the same order that they teach them in Japanese schools, and that was my preference once I realized as such.
I've completed up where the story currently ends. I'm now doing fighting slimes on the home island, trying to learn more kanji meanings.
At the start of this month (Oct 1st) I was on 1066 kanji, now 19 days later (Oct 20th) I'm on 1656 kanji! 590 kanji so far this month! :D
I'm trying to complete 50 new kanji each day, which is a bit crazy, but hopefully this time next week I'll be on 2000! ^^

I've been studying Japanese elsewhere for a while, but never made progress with kanji this fast and effectively. I notice instantly when I return to other sites how much better and quicker I can recognise kanji.

I understand why it might be desirable for the kanji to be taught in the Japanese school order, which I believe teaches the most frequent kanji first, and fits JLPT studying better. However, I don't think that order would work anywhere near as well for the way SFA teaches kanji and the way similar components are grouped. I think the order is pretty well thought out. I'm not concerned anyway, as I really think 2000 is achieveable in a short enough period of time that it doesn't matter what the order is. :P
hi mog86uk
i am assuming your the same guy from JapaneseClass . I think it was one of your posts that lead me to SFA so Thank you very much.
i made this topic (original post) and i just upgraded to the common use kanji. you are doing really well at at 1656 kanji so keep up the hard work. i hope ll get to that stage some day. :)
@hideo123 Cool. I try to advertise SFA a bit because it really has helped me a LOT. I think the game might not suit some people, but for people with a wide English vocabulary and good typing skills, SFA is perfect! Also, once you pay for it you have it forever (unlike a website which can disapear any day...).

If you click my username, either here or on JCJP, you can see on my profile where I post my up-to-date current stats for SFA. I've already progressed quite a bit since my last post! :D

Hello! I've been using Slime Forest demo version for a while and I decided to try the no kana mode.

When I saw the kanji for "one", I typed its romaji, ichi, but then I noticed I actually had to type "one".

Is there any mode on the full version in which I can beat kanji writing its romaji?
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"no kana" simply means skipping learning hiragana and katakana first at the start of the game, to avoid wasting time if you already know it, and going straight onto kanji.
The main purpose is to learn and recognise the meaning of each kanji.

In the full version of the game, a little later in the story you obtain a "book" item. When you equip this spellbook, you encounter different coloured slimes where you need to answer with the most common reading instead.

In the "Common Use Kanji version" of the game, there is this mode shown in the screenshot. This sounds exactly like what you want? ^^

It's far too quiet on this channel! It's not right.... :-/
SFA is amazing! Every day that I play it I come to appreciate it even more.

Thanks for the "-ise" addition fix in 163. This seems to have solved all the existing English regional spelling difference issues.
I later also came across "analyze" and was worried, being a "-yze" ending, that "analyse" was not going to be accepted. Thankfully even the "-yse" correct ending was allowed. :D
Also, I'm glad "diarrhoea" spelling was accepted too, although I guess this is just down to the way the game always allows for an accidental extra letter?

I can't wait for the upcoming major update! However, I don't want to see it rushed at all. I hope however much time is needed to make it perfect is taken - I'll try to keep waiting patiently. ^^
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Okay, I already came across another regional spelling difference. XD
I typed "marquess" for 侯 and it said this was incorrect--only "marquis" is allowed. Other than this one it's fine though. I guess I'll try to only type "marq" for this so that I don't accidentally type the wrong version. It's too confusing to try to translate from Japanese to English to American! :P

"learning" about 100 symbols a day because of the superb ways of remembering the meanings of the symbols, the kanji for ear is kinda scary, and kanji for hit is funny :) the kanji for other is lonely, the kanjis for buy and sell makes me think of rpgs and the kanjis for eternity is cool but the kanji for swimming is really funny lol considering how often japanese people in anime lack swimming skill.... lots of fun learning kanji and its feels good to finaly learn hiragana and katana, simple tables won't do, forced repetition is the best, this game is a great learning tool and fun to play :)
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I'm surprised no-one has commented yet on the news of story extension and four new areas.
Although I haven't yet ever reached the end, I'm very happy to hear about this as I think I'm beginning to get close.
I think it's time to up my donation amount, as this game means much more to me than what I've donated so far. Thanks Darrell for all the hard work you're putting into this! ^^
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Anyone managed to learn or use any spells yet?

I finished the first elemental island (desert island) testing area, and I think it said I learnt a spell, however I accidentally clicked off the message before I had finished reading it, so I'm not sure if it actually said this.

I tried to see if I had a new spell to cast, but just it says "don't have any spells prepared". Using the "book" on the world map still says "pages are blank" too. I'm not sure what this means, but I guess maybe I haven't actually learnt any spells yet after all?

I'm now at the second elemental island trying to clear its testing area. I think I've learnt all the special readings for this cave (220 'words'), but haven't been successful clearing it without running out of HP. These tesing areas are pretty challenging! If I ever manage to clear it, I'll be a lot more careful to see what it says this time. ^^;
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The elemental island caves seem very unfair, the high rate of attack and heavy damage. I had thoroughly trained for it, I knew every answer almost immediately, however I still struggled and failed several times just trying to type fast enough. The "Battle Typing Rate" setting seemed to have no effect. I almost wonder if it would be difficult to complete even if this was in English!?

I did manage to clear it eventually though. Definitely said I learnt a spell (different spell name to the one learnt on the first island), but still says "No spells prepared" and "The pages are blank".

One other thing: With training focus set to "focus training on next cave", it stopped introducing new words once I reached 220 "words", however I ran into 時 (とき) each time I did the cave fight. After I had cleared the cave, the first fight immediately afterwards introduced 時 for the first time...
Ah, I've noticed how to cast the spells now. I had tried doing what you need to do before, but it just didn't seem like anything was happening. ^^;

Onward to the next elemental island! (Also, I'm guessing there are going to be 7 spells in total?) :D

Hey. I love how the game is getting frequent updates recently. ^^

However, in the changelog it says this for build 159:
- switched Standard underworld training encounters (in the home-island cave after you beat it once) to Best-Guess Readings (switched from Regular Reading Words.)

Is that actually correct? Because I am on build 160, but the slimes I'm encountering in Jagaimo cave (from Episode 2 onwards) are the dark-green coloured slimes (which are "Regular Readings" slimes, right?). These increase the "reading" value on my status screen.

"Best-Guess Readings" slimes = the slimes that you encounter outside when you have the spell book equiped (according to the changelog for build 155)? These slimes teach kanji compound words and increase the "compounds" value on my status screen. These are the blueish-grey coloured slimes and are not found at all in Jagaimo cave.

So I'm confused what the changelog is saying? What does it actually mean? :S
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The dark green slimes are the "Best-Guess Readings" slimes. They teach you one reading per kanji (which is meant to be a pretty good guess when you encounter that kanji in a word you don't know).

The "Regular Reading Words" are kanji compounds to show the on readings. The "Special Reading Words" are words that show the kun readings.

This is because the on readings are based on imported Chinese pronunciations of the kanji, mangled to fit Japanese pronunciation. On readings are often used in many different compound words. Some of these compounds come from Chinese, but many were coined in Japan. By learning the on reading, you can learn to pronounce a large number of different words written with the kanji, though many of the words may be uncommon.

Kun readings are where kanji have been used to represent native Japanese words, irrespective of any Chinese pronunciation. These are special cases of kanji usage. A kun reading tends to be used in only one, or a small number of words, but those words are often very common, important words to know.

Anyway, I'm switching it back in Build 162, which is currently compiling. I got mixed up and put the spell charging in the cave instead of during the battles with the spellbook equipped, then moved the subject that I wanted to do spell charging with to the cave. I can't even explain that mistake. Total brain failure. Now the spell charging will involve the spellbook, which was the whole point of the thing.
Ah, everything makes so much more sense now! Thank you for the detailed explanation.

It was really making my head hurt trying to understand the changelog...
- "when the spellbook is equipped you encounter Best-Guess Reading slimes" (build 155)
- "Best-Guess Reading slimes are now in the cave" (build 159) on earth both could possibly be true at the same time... I thought there was something wrong with my brain for not being able to figure that out. Glad there was nothing wrong with me. :D

Now it also makes perfect sense to me why it is called "Regular Reading WORDS"... I'm glad spell charging isn't going to be confined the cave, which would have been a weird choice. I didn't bother updating to 161 since I use kana-type input anyway, but definitely updating to 162 to put my mind to rest! Thanks for the quick response. ^^

My Slime Forest Adventure crashes when I try to run it in fullscreen mode on OsX Mavericks. Anyone else experiences this?
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Technology making Slime Forest outdated?

I ask because of the vast improvements over written character recognition over the last few years. It seems even without knowing the proper stroke order, one could easily look up one of the thousands of characters and be able to find a dictionary entry for it as well as the compounds. Truly LRNJ helps with the katakana and hiragana recognition but do we really need it for the other characters, the kanji? There are an awful lot of them and we maybe we are wasting our time with trying to memorize all these characters instead of learning them in context. Thanks to recent developments in handwriting technology, we may be able to easily find these characters when reading some text and then we would also be learning these words in context.

What are your thoughts?
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>Recent developments in handwriting technology
SF does teach the kanji in context, at least if you fight the sea slimes. Memorizing kanji isn't supposed to be the only thing it does.
I don't think it's like that, it's a lot more fun than cue cards or books, and rewarding in ways that any typical language teacher would have a hard time reproducing.

If I hadn't come to the game knowing all my hiragana and katakana, it would have been cool to learn the basics this way, too.

i want to learn japanese
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